November 3rd, 2009

rubbah and horns

And Now We Are Six. Wait, wait, no, we blew past six. Let's make it four.

What an interesting day. My weight this morning was 122.0, which means I've been at my goal weight of ~123 for nearly two weeks. Huzzah! Actually got to the gym for the first time in weeks yesterday, too, so that's a plus.

I will be selling "The Work Too Hard, Drink Too Much and Get Too Little Sleep Diet" at bookstores everywhere in 2010. You can get a signed copy if you can find me in fractal space, since I will have dropped to a negative weight by then.

I've been having some terribly acute pain in my left breast of all places, so I saw my doctor (who's an Osteopath) this morning... he didn't even do a breast exam, just poked around my back and suggested that a rib was clearly out of place and causing some problem with some cartilage and a major nerve near my pectoral muscle blah blah blah. How bizarre! He seemed to rule out breast cancer pretty quickly (a concern that's been weighing heavily on my mind), but I requested a script for a baseline mammogram anyway. I'm overdue for one of those. Luck would have it that my procrastination in that area has paid off-- apparently, they now do digital mammograms, which are far less painful.*

Things at work have been weird for days, but they seem to be improving on their own. I shouldn't take things personally or let things fester, but I guess we're all guilty of that sometimes. I don't know why I have such difficulty talking extemporaneously about things that bother me.

Had lunch with a friend from my old job (actually, he worked upstairs in another office)... he gave me some info on an opening they had available. Health benefits would go a long way towards making me more independent, so I'm not ruling it out, but I'd hate to give up the job that I love (heck, even when it's weird in a not-great way). Got to ride on a motorcycle (wheeee!), and had lunch at the mall.

Afterward, I went shopping for cat food and stopped by a local Bealls outlet for a pair of jeans, since all of mine (even my old ones) are quite literally falling off of me.** I thought maybe, MAYBE, I could squeeze into a size six. Boy, was I wrong.

I'm now a solid size FOUR. I told Paul that I hadn't been a four since high school, but I'm not sure I've ever been a four. That's just CRAZY. I think they're making the sizes more generous these days, because I'm definitely not as tiny as I was in high school.

I got a pair of random jeans, a pair of Levi's, an $80 Coldwater Creek jacket and a funky necklace for under $50. SCORE!

Tonight I head to the executive and general board meetings of my favourite theater. I didn't make the last meeting, so I won't have much to contribute, but at least I'll get caught up to work on things for the next meeting. After, I may head back to the Laboratory for a quick drink before sleeps.***

So, I don't update for months, and then you get random crap like this. So sad, too bad!

I'll try to have something more substantial next time :)

Till then, hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough <3

* Or so I've heard. From men.
** Not simultaneously. That would be weird.
*** Welcome to the Cafe Laboratory... you can tip out any time you'd like, but you can never leave.
**** This space intentionally left blank.