September 25th, 2009

rubbah and horns

These are Today's Tweets

  • 00:48 Why is he insane? Why? I don't want much; a nice sleep after a hard day. Why is it a battle?! #
  • 00:52 I'm stuck sitting in a car because I'm afraid to go home. wtf?! all I said is that I didn't sleep & worked 13 hours. Now I'm the devil. #
  • 01:03 seriously, I'm a bit tired of the "holy crap, you suck, and here's why you brought this upon yourself" argument. all I want is sleep :( #
  • 01:07 so wishing I had my car right now. wtf?!! #
  • 12:12 I've lived in G'ville for, what, 5 years now? And this will be the first time I've taken a bus. Huzzah, the life of adventure I lead! #
  • 13:12 walking home, and now... it's pouring. At least I have my brelly! Clearly, it's sweeps week & The Writers are working overtime ;) #
  • 13:22 I'd forgotten how much I enjoy rainy walks. :) And changing into snuggly PJs in the middle of the day after being soaked? Also very cool. :D #
  • 14:13 Three of my friends share a bday today, and not a one of them lists it on fb. I find that odd. Of course, no sleep makes everything surreal. #
  • 15:08 You know you must be tired when even your cat is trying to herd you into bed. I'm starting a hot date w/ a soft pillow in 3, 2... 1. Zzzzzzz #
  • 17:57 Didn't sleep, but napped for an hour and feel better. Stranger still, I'm hungry... I haven't been (or eaten much) for days. IT'S NOMTIME! #
  • 18:12 Oh and Zacky & Paul picked up my car while I napped-- it still needs one minor adjustment, but I have a car again. Hooray! Back to my food. #
  • 22:03 Is it lame that I'm so excited to be going to bed at 10:45? Busy day ahead... opening, closing & seeing what may be my new home in between. #
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