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Did I actually accomplish anything?

Put on your new license plates, or at least ID the tools you'll need so you can take them to work. OOPS
Laundry! DONE
Clean the dressing/junk room (the room w/out a floor) OOPS; SOME, NOT MUCH!
Reread Lysistrata; it's only a week away! SOME
Try to find placename pronounciation key for same, or create one for cast. SEARCHED; UNAVAILABLE
Phone men for chorus: John, Ken, Mike - PHONED, ONLY MIKE IS AVAILABLE
Put cam online? HA
Figure out good name for Shadowfax's DJ gig; possibly do poll on same. BIG OOPS.
Balance checkbook, pay sundry and assorted bills. DONE AND DONE
Look at Bauhaus couches online. EH, LOOKED AT LAPTOPS INSTEAD since I might need one sooner
Consider stopping in There. CONSIDERED. AGAINST.
Eat something, for goodness sakes! QUICHE!

Also printed out directions for M, told Dad of plans, listened to a lot of music, chatted with a few wonderful people, watched some TV and did other miscellaneous stuff. Not bad for a lazy Sunday, really.

Oh! And I (finally) upgraded my BE-300 to Expod Gold :D That was something worth noting. Yes indeedy! And I also finally downloaded some new music to it. Mine ears will thank me!

Behind on both comments and birthamadaze, though. Had I an ounce of energy... well I do, but only about an ounce. Wishing I had more!

Happy almost belated birthday abbacat!

And happy belated birthdays to sandstar, beatnikside, corto, moraxian, and jenont. I feel terrible that I didn't post about your birthdays ON your birthdays. But my wishes for happiness and new discoveries this year are no less heartfelt for their tardiness.

*HUGS* all around :) Me go kathunk now!

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