October 24th, 2007

rubbah and horns

Random links and thoughts spill out my head and through my fingers

Free Rice! Learn vocabulary, and donate rice to people who need it:
This is addicting. I've donated 2000 grains of rice since last night. I'm amazed at how many words I seem to know. I say "seem to know" because I don't actually remember them-- they're not part of my regular vocabulary-- and I'd be hard-pressed to define them by hand (instead of via multiple-choice), but I can pick out a synonym without a second's thought. Freaky. My vocabulary generally tends to top-off around level 45 or so.

If you have a commercial website, you are probably already aware of google optimizer. Did you know they had a tutorial on it?
And a real-time teleseminar next Tuesday?

Someone deyo knows is looking for amazing programmers, IT & design for The Next Big Thing:
I KNOW I have a lot of brilliant programmers on my FL. Send rearden labs your CV today!

Boing-Boing has links to Mashing Pumpkins, a disc of new Halloween mashups:
The original site has already been suspended (likely for exceeding bandwidth-- these things are quite popular). I haven't actually listened to these yet, but I have high hopes :)

What else? My dad and stepmom are visiting (briefly) tomorrow on their way to Sarasota (they're snowbirds). My house is a MESS.

I went to a movie audition and a regional theatre audition last week. I doubt much will happen from either of those, but It felt very validating to be driving around town in my character shoes, toting headshots and resumes :)

I saw American Buffalo (a David Mamet play) at the Civic Media Center this weekend. In truth, I only went because two of the three-person cast are in the children's musical I'm doing in February... but it turned out to be amazing. It was theatre in the round (well, imperfect square, really), and it involved the audience far more than I'd expected. At the end, they all drove off in a car that was parked outside, leaving the audience alone and bemused. It vies with "exit, pursued by a bear" as my favourite exit ever :) Oh, the lead character was actually selling junk when I got there, so I picked up a copy of of Bullseye on VHS for a buck (I think he'd have given it to me free, but I enjoy supporting the arts, and especially in unusual ways). It looks pretty terrible, but has Michael Caine and Roger Moore in it. Oh, and even though I went to the play alone, I got to sit with the other witch from the aforementioned production (I'm the good witch, she's the wicked witch), who also came alone. We were both slightly buzzed, and made too much noise while reading about Cher in a GLBT magazine.

Prior to that, I went to a PHP* party to watch the Gator game. I drank free beer, ate wonderful food, rode in a pink 1951 jeep and even got a t-shirt for showing up. This year's slogan: "There is no 'i' in 'team,' but there is a 'we' in 'weasels'" I adore PHP.

Friday, Paul and I had a nice dinner at an expensive Italian restaurant, and then I went out clubbing with a bunch of college girls *grin* I danced to cheesy 80s tunes, drank my first SoCo & lime and several pints of Guinness, topped it all off with a greasy slice of free pizza, and generally had a grand time.

The cats are crazy, as usually. The kitten (Switch) wakes me up most days by crawling under the covers and biting my toes or attacking the oldest cat (Max). I can't even sit in my office with Max anymore without Switch jumping on him. :( I'm going to have to step in with a water gun, because Max doesn't deserve such annoyances. Neither do I, actually... as if on cue, Switch just climbed the back of my chair, and then nearly fell off it when he went to bite my ear. He's got a toy bear on the bed that he wrestles with, and Paul bought him an an attack mitten (it's like one of those huge BBQ oven mitts, but overpriced and cute), but he can't get enough of play time. Sometimes he's laid-back and adorable, but only when I'm relaxing. If I'm working, sleeping or doing housework, then he's the spawn of Satan. RAAAR! OK, even when he's demonspawn, he's cute.

What else? I bought a weed whacker the other day, and it's defective. It's actually got a part from a different weed whacker semi-attached to it. What's up with that?! So much for clearing a path to my door for my parents.

Oliver rehearsals are going well. We open in less than two weeks!

Oh, and I've got another gig using a British accent :) E-learning. Some webcam work, too. The guy seems a little flakey, though... he keeps saying he's going to send me the script and then never does. Oh, well... no skin off my nose!** It will happen eventually, I suppose!

I'm sure I've got other things to report, but unless there's an e-learning script in my inbox, I've got to get cleaning.

Ciao, babies!

Oh, dear-- I thought I'd posted this awhile ago. D'oh! Arrivederci, lovelies!

* I refer not to the open-source programming language, but to two guys who host amazing parties and do a lot of good in the community in the name of beer and football. Actually, one recently married and disappeared, so I guess it's mostly in Huffman's lap now.
** Actually, the term probably comes from fisticuffs (boxing). But I like this person's reasoning better, and would like to further this disinformation :)
*** yawn!
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