July 12th, 2007

rubbah and horns


So I love my "new" computer. So fast! So smooth!

One problem, though-- every so often, the monitoring software (that came with the motherboard) reports that either the PS fan or the CPU fan (or both) stops functioning for a moment or two. Once, this actually caused the system to shut down.

Thing is, I don't think the fans ARE actually stopping. I'm not sure what's happening, but it's making me crazy. I've updated the bios and the chipset drivers, uninstalled LiveUpdate (which I guess causes some problems) and reinstalled the monitoring software. After I did this, everything ran fine for hours last night.

Today, it's started again.

I still have the new unopened motherboard ready to send back to newegg... and to be honest, this is so annoying that I'm half-considering starting a THIRD RMA and installing the new board.

Any clues what could be causing it?
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