July 5th, 2007


Motherboards of Invention

Well, heck. I put in an RMA on the motherboard and CPU last night, and called today to see if they could expedite replacements, but there's a snag...

Turns out, I can only get expedited replacements if do the return as a refund, and then order new items. Otherwise, I have to wait three to five business days from date of physical return to get a replacement shipped out to me.

Unfortunately, the CPU can only be returned for a refund within seven days of purchase... and waiting for the video card alone has pushed me beyond that window.*

So I've taken the CPU off the RMA and am just returning the mobo for now. I should have the new one in a couple of days.

Here's hoping it's the motherboard... otherwise, I'm going to be without my computer for quite a long time!

Btw, I hate my laptop. With a passion. It's like computing in a vat of tar.

c l i c k     c  l  i  c  k          c   l   i   c   k          c        l        i        c        k

* I've been defenestrated!
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