June 4th, 2007

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Holy smokes, I've been so busy I've barely had a minute to update. Sorry 'bout that!

Remember that gift certificate to the Super Awesome Day Spa that Paul got me for my birthday last year? Well, I finally used it Saturday (heh, it would have expired next week if I hadn't!). I had a deep tissue massage, a facial and a sport pedicure. It was Super Awesome. I've been SO VERY STRESSED.

However, I had awoken that morning with the worst charlie horse in my calf evah, and I'm afraid the masseuse just made the injury worse. Plus, my muscles were just in bad shape all around. So now I'm walking around like Quasimodo.

Sanctuary! SANCTUARY!

Still, worth every penny. From Paul's pocket.

Later, we had rehearsal for the pirate thing at my place, which actually went quite well, even though we were missing a person. Rehearsal Sunday actually had ALL of us in attendance-- *gasp!*-- but it was so windy that we only rehearsed for an hour and a half. Still, the production itself is only some 20 minutes long, so that's not too bad. I've just written a short addition to the script that should add another 5 minutes, which would be perfect... now I just have to learn the song I just gave myself. (Geesus, who's the freakin' writer who decided I should SING in this thing, anyway?! Oh, nm.)

Sunday night, Zack's mom came over for dinner, so I made my I-don't-feel-like-shopping chicken tortolini thing. On a lark (not a real lark) I started jotting down the calories and grams for all the ingredients... and then then nutritional information as well. I totalled everything up and stuck it into fitday-- turns out, 220 grams of my super high caloric meal only had some 200 calories. I'm a little freaked out by that. I made it with Love, maybe that helped.

The previous weekend, I worked the opening of PotC3 (still haven't seen it OR PotC2-- I'm a very naughty pirate!) and bought a copy of Munchkin at my local comic-book store. I played it with Paul, Zack and three of Z's friends-- what a hoot :D

At some point within these last couple of weeks, I bought parts and reassembled Zack's computer. Paul had thought it a good idea to yank it from the wall in an inebriated and inspired moment of Warcraft-hatingness... the wireless keyboard thingy, the graphics cord, and the monitor cord all needed replacing. I hope the positive message of "completing the huge scholarship application that's due this week needs to take precidence over leveling your damned alt" outweighed the negative message of "damn, you dad's strong AND stupid when he's had a few." Actually, both of those messages are pretty useful and informative. Whatevah! It's all over but the therapy.

Paul talked me into buying a stationary bike. It's not actually made from stationary. Not quite sure when I'll put that together-- the next week is going to be crazy-busy...

Pirate fest this weekend.
Flying straight from pirate-fest to Albany late Sunday.
Big meeting and several days' work at the office starting Monday.
A few days relaxing and catching up with friends (if I'm lucky).
And then flying back late next Monday, and diving back into work bright and early Tuesday morning.

In other news, I'm still not smoking... and although I fell of the weight-loss wagon for a few weeks, I haven't actually gained back any weight :)

Too long, didn't read, right? That's OK. I just wanted to say "hi." I'm trying to fix my relationship and my career and my life in general. Are there Craftsman tools for that?

Oh, and I cut all my hair off again. Hooray!

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~
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