May 5th, 2007


I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you feed me, Seymore

Hm... haven't done this in awhile, so I figured I'd update the weight loss thing :)

Today's weight: 142.8-- 27 pounds down from where I started.

Monthly Weight Change Stats

Minimum Weight: 142.8 lb   Maximum Weight: 150 lb
Beginning Weight: 150 lb   Ending Weight: 142.8 lb
Average Weight: 147.39 lb   Average Weekly Change: -1.8 lb

Still losing at the rate of 1.8 pounds a week overall, though I did have a few plateaus and gains recently. Looks like I may have neglected to update my weight some days, as well..

I'm wearing a form-fitting tank top that I haven't worn in three years (and wouldn't have dreamed of wearing when I was 143 on the way up the weight gain ladder-- but my perception of overweight then was very different from my perception of it now). The jeans I'm wearing, which I couldn't button six months ago when I bought them, are loose all over. A few more pounds, and I won't be able to keep 'em up without a belt.


This week, I'm re-quitting the smokes (yeah, I slipped for a bit), starting a gym regimen again, and working on improving my sleep patterns.

OK, back to your normal FL funness. :)
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