April 4th, 2007

rubbah and horns

Broke 150 today!

Weight Change Stats

Minimum Weight:149.8 lb Maximum Weight:158.2 lb
Beginning Weight:157 lb Ending Weight:149.8 lb
Average Weight:154.14 lb Average Weekly Change:-1.8 lb

That makes 20 pounds lost so far ^_^
15 to go 'til I hit my first goal!
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rockin Zackman

Burninate the jams!

Hee. I told* Z I'd buy him Guitar Hero II for the Xbox if he could get it before Friday, and lend me the Xbox and game to take to Orlando with me over the weekend.

He just walked in with it!

And proving he is really my child**, he immediately downloaded TROGDOR as a bonus song :)



* OK, I BRIBED my sweet and darling child. Is that so bad?
** bloodline, schmudline.
*** Best Amazon error message yet: No results match your search for "guitar hero" in Sports & Outdoors.Did you mean guitar whore?
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