March 8th, 2007


Help magic Flash people

I need to create small video training sessions-- kinda youtube like.

I have the first FLV video-- but I need a container to stream it through.

Help! What's involved in creating a container? Is there a template somewhere I could just copy?

If I don't find a quick solution, I either have to get and learn flash, or farm it out. Either way, I need more info.

Thanks! :)
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I'm having a fairly crappy day.

But even on crappy days, I can find happy links:
Dylan Hears a Who
A six-song album of music adaptations of Dr Seuss storybooks sung inthe style of vintage Subterranean Homesick Blues-era Bob Dylan.
Thanks, boingboing!
This is another eye-berried pall project-- he/she/it is also responsible for sonicfinger and rad monkey cowbells.

Know what? I'm just feeling too crappy to listen to it. Hooray for downloadable mp3s! Later, Mr. Zimmerman-not!
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Communism's Dancing Children

This is amazing, via crasch

From the liveleak site:

This is unreal. You're seeing about 2-3000 kids under 10 in the front doing intensely choreographed gymnastics moves, and look in the background. That's not a giant screen, that's thousands and thousands of children holding up sets of cue cards for the routine. I don't know what it is, but there's something frightening about this. | Children's section of 'Mass Games' or otherwise known as the 'Arirang' performance in Pyongyang city, North Korea in 2005. Watch the giant human mosaic in the background, composed of 15,000 or more individuals each holding a colored placard. The mosaic changes with the music.

This is just... freaky. And amazing.

ADDENDUM: Weird-- it's not embedding correctly for some reason. Go to the link-- it's a worthwhile click :)
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