January 3rd, 2007

rubbah and horns

Where you been, Ldy?

Remember this?

Ah, famous last words. I followed my own self-inflicted advice, and my computer was BJORKED. At least I got to flex my atrophied DOS muscles when I had ot use the recovery console :P I finally got it working, but I'd had enough.

So I did a full install of OS and proggies on another partition. This time I set it up so that I could do IRQ management. And this achieved two things:
I now get the message "it is now safe to turn off your computer" and have to manually turn it off instead of having it turn off itself.
I have zero control over IRQ management, despite all my efforts. *facepalm*

Oh, and I still I have weird problems. But I'm pretty sure it's the ram. It'd better be, because I've run out of things to replace/screw up. Heh.

So, that's where I've been! Christmas was good-- boy got me World of Warcraft. Sneaky devil. I'm loving it, though I can't actually, you know, PLAY it on this machine yet without it locking up. Despite this, and despite only getting to play two or three times, my rogue, Silvansong, is already level 9. Paul got me (among other things) a very cool copy of the first folios of Shakespeare's plays-- photostats of the actual first folios. Maxine made me a beautiful leather scarf. And I made an standing rib roast that kicked ASS. We had a good day :)

Spent New Years Eve with the 'rents down in Sarasota. Actually, we visited them, then checked out the Main Street festivities for a couple of hours. We got the best parking spot EVER. They were supposed to drop "the big orange" at midnight, but truth be told, it looked more like "the medium-sized orange radish." Still, we had a good time.

Now I'm playing catch-up at work; later, I'll have rehearsal (it's off-book day!). Oh, and I have a dentist's appointment this afternoon (one of my teeth puts me in excruciating pain when I bite down on it-- for the last week, I've been chewing on the other side).

Oh, and as if I didn't have enough hardware problems, my mouse wheel up and died, and the buttons started acting up. I took it apart, and a teensy tiny piece of metal took one look at me and absolutely disappeared off the face of the earth. So I'm using a spare for now.

And that's the state of me. How YOU doin'? x o x o x o
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8 ball


Some interesting links from boingboing today:

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A photo of one of Amazon's warehouses just before Christmas:

Kitsch gone wild: A Santa Claus commode cover set (including soot-covered footprints where Santa presumably popped a squat):

OK, back to your regularly-scheduled internet. And back to my editing/writing. Chug chug chugging along!
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