December 14th, 2006


PS, I hate you

This is a dump. It is only a dump. Feel free to scroll on by.

I'm crying because I got my Power Supply, took apart my computer to put it in... and discovered that it's not compatible with my Uniterruptible Power Supply.

W. T. F. you'd think this would be something they'd mention in the specifications on newegg BUT NO.

I've had it. I've just farking had it.

I researched this stupid thing out the WAZOO and NOWHERE was this key piece of information mentioned. Yet there it is, in small type on page 5 of the user manual (who the hell reads the freaking user manual for a power supply?!). Then I had to figure out what kind of UPS I have, and whether it uses a simulated sine wave... which is more difficult than it seems, because mine uses a stepped sine wave. Is that simulated? Sorta. It's like they're deliberately trying to make this confusing.

Apparently, using a stepped or simulated sine wave with this particular power supply will fry it. Ironically, if I'd gotten something cheaper, I wouldn't have had this problem.

I give up.

At least I didn't disconnect everything from the old PS. Give thanks for small blessings, I guess.

Now I need to research and order another damned PS. Or spend $300+ on a pure sine wave UPS (which I can't afford, and seems kinda silly to me since I just use mine to shut things down when the power goes out). FLUCK. Oh, and I have to send this one back to newegg, which is going to cost me an arm and a leg because the thing is freaking HEAVY.

OK, dump over. Back to your regularly-scheduled friends page entries, already in progress.
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rubbah and horns

active PFC

So, Active PFC is apparenlty a useless marketing tool. Nice for the electric company, but not terribly useful for consumers (in the US, anyway-- the situation's a bit different in the UK, where Active is definitely the way to go).

It increases the price of a PS tremendously. It's also incompatible with simulated or stepped UPSs.

Good to know!

I think I'll get this one instead. It's the one my gut instinct said to go with before I even started researching the subject:

Sometimes, it pays to go with your gut. Goodbye, thinking cap-- hello, feeling shoes!

I'll order after I get some nourishment.
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why Paul rocks, reason 298749283

This won't fix your computer or get your work caught up, but I hope it makes you feel better.

I love you!


Attachments: 2 tickets to see BT & Thomas Dolby at the House of Blues Saturday night, and a hotel room confirmation

How cool is that?
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hot & sexy power supply action

Because I know that you can't get enough of my hot and sexy power supply action, I figured I should tell you I ended up getting this...

ENERMAX Noisetaker II EG495P-VE ATX12V 485W Power Supply 115/230 V - Retail

I calculated my wattage requirements three times-- it's somewhere between 303 and 340. So 485 should be great. No point in getting something huge, since I don't know when I'll be upgrading to a new motherboard and cpu, or what my needs might be when I do. In the same breath, I don't want to cheap out, either. My computer is my livelihood, and reliability is key.

It's pricier than some others, but heck, it's Enermax. Can't go wrong with Enermax.

...well, as long as you do your research ;)

Oh, and if you ever have ANY questions about power supplies, please feel free to ask me. I'm here to help :)
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