November 22nd, 2006


If I were a turkey I'd be gobblin'

Holy shite, I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner. It's just for Paul, Zack, Maxine and myself (and maybe Brittany and any other friends who stop by our door), but still.

Hee. This should be a riot :) Guess I should make up some sort of menu, eh?

First off, we'll do that Alton Brown brined turkey thing
stuffing (hrm, how do I make that? I'll find something online, I guess)
green bean casserole
smashed potatoes w/ garlic and chives
homemade gravy
rolls (hello, pillsbury doughboy)
fantastic made-up cranberry sauce (maybe I should figure out what's in it first? naaaaaaah)
can shaped cranberry sauce (love it!)
pumpkin pie
ice cream

Did I forget anything?

Why, yes. I forgot to post this last night. D'oh!

We have one car atm, so I ran to the store as soon as it opened this morning. I missed the rush, but it was still pretty busy.

I was in such a hurry that I ended up buying a HUGE FARKING TURKEY. So now I'm considering returning it for a smaller one at lunchtime. On my bike. With two underinflated tires. With a twelve pound bird in my backpack.

My life is just silly sometimes.

Very cool pool tricks:


Bestest road trip story ever, even though nothing really happened:
Tales from the blue-taped S4

Whee, nurse lady just called, wanting to do saliva tests for our AAA life insurance. I'm assuming it's a cotinine (nicotine) test.

Well, here's the thing... though I've considered myself a nonsmoker for years, I've had my moments "off the wagon" as it were. One of those "moments" was the several weeks recently that Z's mom was with us. When she left, I stopped smoking (though I did use one of those dinky 7mg patches for a couple of days). And then last night, I was so nervous about the audition, and she was over... well, kabump! Off the wagon again I fell.

Now I'm craving like a mofo.

Well, it's a holiday week, so I'm sure the nice nurse won't mind if I schedule it for Monday or Tuesday. I should be clean by then.

Looks like I'll be having cold turkey a few days early this year ;)

Coolest ThinkGeek thing evah:

Thanks for all the love yesterday, folks. I'll get back to comments later tonight tomorrow sometime soon.

For now, though, I've got a ton of work to do. Hope you have a beautiful day, and a happy Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate it)!
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rubbah and horns

There's no credit where credit is due / It cost me ten dollars! O_O

Oooh, Thomas Dolby's new CD is out today!

Live versions of his older work. Many of my personal favourites. Nothing "new," but the arrangements and samples are different.

I'd love to get the autographed version, but simply don't have the money to spend on that right now.*

I'll pick up a regular CD tonight, though, when I have my wallet nearby.

<3 Thomas Dolby. The mp3 previews on CD Baby are low-quality, but his voice sounds better than ever.

He's playing with BT at the House of Blues in Orlando on a Saturday next month... maybe I'll go :)

* $10 extra for five seconds' work? Egads, Thomas. Well, I suppose you deserve it, and you should put a premium on your autograph if you want it to hold value. But still. $200/hour signing CDs? Nice work if you can get it :)
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A Peaceful Protest against Hate in Huntsville

As many of you may know, there was a tragic bus wreck in Huntsville, Alabama not too long ago.

Alas, a group of people not even local to the event is using this tragedy to further their own hate agenda-- a completely inappropriate response, as I'm sure you'll agree. The Westboro Baptist Church ( will be protesting at the funeral of the killed children, in support of their claims that the accident was, in fact, caused directly by God because He hates homosexuals.

I know. The connection is a little lost on me, too.

Anywho, what does one do? If I thought protesting would help, I'd be on my way to Huntsville right now. However, I think my presence would only make these funerals even more of a circus, and I have far too much respect for the families and friends of these children to make the situation any worse than it already is.

Well, what should pop up on my friends list but the best solution I've seen to date. Thanks to weswilson for passing it along

I just learned that Fred Phelps is coming to Huntsville on Friday to picket the funerals of Lee High School students killed in the tragic bus wreck. Here's the press release from his web site:

There will be one funeral on Friday, and two on Saturday (see details at the bottom).*

I'm of two minds about this. On one hand, I believe that there should be a public outcry against Phelps' hateful homophobic agenda, and a clear message that Huntsville rejects him and his attempt to capitalize on personal tragedy.

On the other hand, I recognize that he is looking for media minutes, and the more counter-protestors there are, the more press Phelps and his hate group will get. He may bring 15 people to picket the funeral. We could organize a counter-protest of many times that number, but that would add to the circus and the stress for families and friends of the deceased.

Here's something that has been done successfully in other cities: collect pledges for a good cause for each minute that Phelps and his group demonstrate. The longer Phelps is there, the more money gets donated to local gay and lesbian groups. In this case, I think it would be appropriate to split donations between the fund for the students' families, and Aids Action Coalition.

Would you be willing to donate? I suggest $1.00 for every 10 minutes that Phelps and his group demonstrates in Huntsville. More or less is OK, of course, depending upon your circumstances.

We will display a large sign that is visible to Phelps, and will update it every 10 minutes with the current total. Please send me your pledge by Friday morning, and also let me know if you would like to help in other ways.

Tom Moss,
Social Justice Commitee
Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville

I will be pledging-- Paul and I will have to figure out exactly how much tonight.

If you wish to support this plan, please do. If you can spread the word, please do that, too.

Thanks so much :)

* I've removed the addresses of the funerals indicated in this correspondence.
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