September 25th, 2006

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on food and the end times

Right now, my son is mowing the lawn and I didn't even ask him to. <3

So astonishing, my computer spontaneously rebooted from a bugcheck while typing this entry!

I didn't sleep a wink last night. No clue as to why.

I made homemade pizzas last night. Success! I can't remember exactly how I made the dough, but it was good. I think I took Emiril's basic ingredients, added some honey and basil, and winged it*.

I'm lovin' the food processor, yes I am.

Tonight I'll try my hand at guacamole and sirenity's machaca (basically, flank steak marinated in nummy goodness in a crockpot all day) with tortillas and fajitas fixin's.

I didn't see any flank steak at the stupormarket last night, so I asked a wandering minstrel employee if there was any out. He found a manager who immediately donned his clear plastic bathing cap, sped into the back of the store, and apparently butchered several cows on the spot just for me.

*yawn!* OK, I'm exhausted. I really need to give work my full focus now. Later, gators!

* wunged it? Whatever!
** there should be another unrelated footnote here, but I have failed you, gentle reader.
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License to ill

I have just made The World's Worst Guacamole.

It looks just like hummus and tastes almost (but not quite) entirely unlike... food.

Unripened avacadoes, awaaaaaaaay!!

I shall put it on the table and see if it gets et. Because I love my family. And because it's funny.
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