September 15th, 2006

rubbah and horns

I'm a Machine, You're a Machine!

Hooray! I finally got rid of Paul's old entertainment center! Instead of paying to have it taken away, I got $15 for it. Score! I'm glad it got a good home.

Now I can finish the rest of the dining room and garage. *dies!*

I've been really busy lately... probably will continue to be in busy mode for a bit. Last night, I...

  • worked out at the gym

  • ripped out tons of kudzu* that has suddenly taken over the front of the house

  • unpacked a few boxes of random schtuff

  • assembled the craptastic bedframe for our bed

  • washed all the bedding

  • swept the bedroom

  • put my old entertainment center for sale in gainesville

  • watched House and Project Runway with Zack

  • read a few chapters of Going Postal

I did dishes and cleaned out the grill this morning, worked out at lunchtime today, and just waved bye bye to the old entertainment center (hooray, and did I mention, hooray?). And my magical food processor just arrived! And m'boy is mowing the front lawn!

Oh, and my MOG is finally working!! I got a notice that a serial adder added me (I DO have an account with MOG?), so I investigated, and someone resent my authorization email. If you had me added before, please to readd? I lost everything when I did the authorization.


This is turning out to be a Very Good Day, despite the fact that my workload is dense and heavy, and I am tired. *yawn*

I don't think I can catch up with LJ today. Heck, I doubt I'll even be able to peek at my friends page or KoL today. But I'm sending you wonderful thoughts, yes I am.

* The funny thing about the vines out front.. the kudzu... I'd never seen it before and didn't know what it was called. Now, I don't know about you, but sometimes when I read things and there isn't a computer, dictionary or encyclopaedia nearby my mind tries to "fill in the blanks" for the words I don't know. At some point, I must have read the word "kudzu" and defined it as "crazy plants that grow like crazy" because the word popped into my mind unbidden as I was clearing the front of the house, even though I'd never seen those vines before or really knew what "kudzu" was.
** Man, I'm really productive when Paul's away, aren't I!
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