August 18th, 2006

sea fox

Locking the Wheel on Really Casual Friday

One of Z's friends* dropped by this morning. He works for a pool service, and drives a company truck. When it came time for him to go, I heard a concerned buzzing in my ear:

"Caaaaarrrrolyne? Do you know much about fixing cars?"

"Sure, some-- what seems to be the trouble?" I asked, as I shuffled outside in my PJs and slippers**

"It just won't start. I try turning the key, and it nothing happens!"

"OK. Turn the wheel towards me."


"The wheel-- it's locked!" Momentary panic crossed his face.

"As it should be. Now turn the key."


And there was much rejoicing.

The nice thing*** about getting older is that you can perform small feats of magic using only the power of your accumlated experience :)

* He's my friend, too, because he watches the cats when we're away, and likes pirates. In fact, we now have matching pirate shirts.
** It's Really Casual Friday in my home office.
*** I'm pretty sure there's only one thing.
**** Hahahaha, I totally meant to post this hours and hours ago. The kid just stopped by with his gf to play with our cats pick up Z so they could get their books... he and I were both wearing our pirate shirts! Jeez, how wonderfully geeky is that :)
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