August 9th, 2006

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Random stuff

Today I gave a seminar on poison ivy and fall allergies. Wheeee! Maybe I'll use some of my teleseminar notes as journal fodder. They're actually pretty interesting (unlike the other dreck I've been posting of late!).

We lost another client at work. This isn't looking good. I'm working on starting another program that doesn't require my boss's time, but there's only so much I can do in a day. And I've still got the bandana website to do... Sheesh.

OK, you didn't come here to hear me bitch about work. So why did you come here?

I'm here...

for the nookie!
for the scintillating diatribe!
for the slim possibility of naughty bits
because I like you
because I love you
because because because beCAUSE I can't help singing show tunes!
to see the train wreck
is this the right room for an argument?
something else entirely

Something else?

Tomorrow I have an acting gig! OK, so it's just doing some improv work with this group, but hey, it's a paying gig! There's something really wonderful about getting paid for doing something you love.

Here's a short flash animation of what they do. I get to be a plant!*

Paul and I have eye exams today. I wonder if we'll go to the Mexican restaurant next door afterward.

We had dinner last night with friends, and fought afterward. I hate it when he drinks too much and gets argumentative. It irritates the hell out of me. And when I've had one too many, well, then it really irritates me. He'll argue twenty five points in the span of half an hour to prove that he's right.

Um, dude, you might have thought you told me you were planning on staying and doing your homework at the bar, but what you actually said was "you take Zack home, and I'll pay the bill." Stop arguing with me, k?

He actually just bought this CD series: Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning


Zack and I keep telling him he ought to be a lawyer. He keeps taking as an insult. So of course, we tell him more ;)

I think he'd make a tremendously successful lawyer... and if he found a cause he could believe in, heaven help the opposition. He's tenacious, smart and very logical. He's also very kindhearted and ethical.

But don't argue with me when you've been drinking. In fact, don't argue with me at all, k? Because "fine, you're right, I'm going to sleep now" really doesn't count as a win, Mr. Smith. ;)

I've been a bit down, time and again, of late. I don't think I'd call it full-fledged depression, more of a lingering blueness. In any case, I'd like it to stop. It interferes with everything, including livejournal. I feel dumb and daydreamy sometimes without warning.

I ordered some of this stuff... let's see if it helps.

I babysat the most adorable little girl last weekend. She's got to be about two now. We learned colors and shapes and the importance of reggae music. And then we danced.

Do De Rubba Duck
(This links to youtube video)

Ernie: There's a brand new dance
And it's got a reggae beat
You do it in the bath
While you wash your hands and feet

Get in the tub
Hold your duckie in your lap
Tap your toes while you scrub
In the water from the tap

All: And do de duck, rubber duck, duck, rubber duck
Rubber duck, duck, rubber duck, duck, rubber duck,
Duck, rubber duck, duck, rubber duck, rubber duck,
Duck, rubber duck, rubber duck, duck

Collapse )

And then her parents stayed out all night and I got to leave around 3:30 am when her brother showed up. The end!

I put together a grill and a patio set last weekend. Eventually, I'll post pictures. I really like them :) The patio table has a ceramic tile top and I was SO THRILLED when I found exactly the right ceramic tile to put in them.

Monday, we had Zack's friends over for burgers. I made my crazy burgers-- I mix ground round with finely-chopped red pepper, garlic, onion, some cheese, some marinade, and an egg. They were yummo :)

OK, I really ought to finish up work and take a quick shower before heading to the eye exam.

Later, gators!

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough~

* Not a real plant. I was secretly hoping to be basil!
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I really wish I'd practiced more

My acting gig requires me to be a street musician playing Beatles songs.

Uh-oh. Time to learn a stringed instrument! O_O

While I'd love to do the guitar, I think it'll have to be mandolin. I can at least fake stuff on the mando.

Wish me luck!
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