July 6th, 2006


Random thoughts

This morning's wake-up song:
So in Love with You am I
This song has been known to make me tango in the kitchen.

Had a very uneventful weekend.

Bad: Paul and I had a huge fight
Good: We made up
Bad: No bbq or partying
Good: Fireworks!

The Gainesville fireworks show was quite good, though it was very short and rather low in the sky.

P really didn't want to go... but we managed to find very close parking and even a fence to sit on. Yay, fireworks!

P's been telling me how depressed and unhappy I am, which I find depressing. Or at least irritating.

He means well. And I think he just signed me up for New Scientist's email newsletter. Either that, or I just magically got one for no reason. Yay, New Scientist!

In another week, I'll be back up north for our semi-annual meeting. Paul's flying in from San Fran and Zack's flying up with me on Thursday-- we'll spend the weekend visiting with Paul's family. P & Z will go back Monday. I'll have meetings Monday and Tuesday (and possibly Wednesday).

My original flight had me returning Thursday night, but I really need some Michele-and-other-northern-friends time. A flight change would have cost over $300, though, and I just can't swing that right now. Last night, P suggested I take a look at Southwest's schedule... wow!

I now have a ticket for a one-way flight back Sunday-- $140 for a nonstop to Orlando! I'm very happy :)

I wonder if I can get any credit from the other airline for the return trip I won't be taking...

Zack, my dear sweet innocent child, has been snatched and taken to the other side.

It was only a matter of time. After all, most of his friends are doing it. It's hard to be in a social situation and NOT do it. He tried his friend's first, and then he had to start getting his own.

"If you do this," I told him, "say goodbye to your dreams of being a professional musician. There's a price to pay, and money's just the beginning of it, believe me." He scoffed.

But now he doesn't merely desire it, he needs it. He does it at home, he does it out with friends, he cannot be without it.

Now that it's in the house, I wonder: How long will I be able to resist it myself? Its siren song calls to me.

Fucking World of Warcraft.

His new RAM and graphics card just came in. Maybe I'll install them tonight. Maybe I'll whip up a multi on his account. After all, it can't be that addictive, can it? *twitch*

My boss continues to fax me emails and websites. Just thought you'd appreciate an update on that there situation.

The rain is falling in big ploppy drops.

And I keep forgetting to post this. So... POST!

Hope you're all well and happy :)

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough