June 15th, 2006

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Birthday Shwag

Wow, I got the bestest presents for my birthday!

Paul gave me a $200 gift certificate to the best day spa in our area... and told me I had to take an entire day off for pampering. I'm so excited! What shall I do?! I'm thinking a manicure and a pedicure... though I'll probably go for the sports ones (heck, I can do my own polish... I'd rather get a bath or something with the $$ I save).... After that I'm thinking a facial and a massage (not sure which ones)... but the baths and scrubs look sweet, too... I've no idea what to do. See, these are the types of problems I'd like to have more often ;D

Zack got me Tomb Raider: Legend. What an awesome and thoughtful gift! I love love loved the Tomb Raider series, and nearly cried when the developers beat it into the ground and pissed on its ashes. They did a great job with this one, though. It's visually stunning, has great atmosphere, is full of puzzles, and pays wonderful homage to the originals without detracting from its own story. I am one happy Ldy :)

We had our usual birthday dinner at Beefo's. Zack's friends, Jerry and Rocko, got me a copy of "Feng Shui for You and Your Cat." I figured it was just something taking advantage of the marketability of both Feng Shui and cats, but it's actually quite good! It's a solid primer on Feng Shui that also takes into account how one's cat(s) can further help balance and attune the chi of a house. I'm happy to have a bit more background on Feng Shui before moving all the furniture. I've always known that energy moves through a house in certain ways, but always felt a bit flakey for thinking that. I feel a bit better knowing that some pretty smart people and a multi-million dollar industry supports the concept. Yay, either A. I'm less flakey or B. Maybe flakey ain't so bad ;)

After dinner, Paul and I came home and argued intensely about nothing of importance. We're so dumb sometimes.

Remember my kickass binder? I've barely used it in the past four months, because I'm so sick of toting the darned thing around. Paul emailed me that Franklin-Covey was having a huge sale on some of its items, so I looked around and fell in love with a turquoise leather pocket-size binder that was reduced in price by over 50%. Sure, a light coloured leather is a bit impractical, but who cares! I'm tired of seeing my workaday world in dark burgundies and blacks. Time for more colour changes in my world!

By the time I was ready to actually order it, however, it was gone.

I was seriously bummed. I emailed him back saying that the one I liked was gone, and oh well. I figured I'd keep an eye out on ebay and eventually get something that maybe didn't appeal so much, but which might be a bit cheaper.

I don't know how, but that very afternoon, he managed to find one. "The last one in Florida" he said. It will be here in a few days. I'm so psyched ^_^

Tonight the three of us go see Buddy Guy. We've got Kindafirstrow* seats. I'm psyched, both to enjoy it myself, and to have the opportunity to expose Zack to this.

Micro's beeping! Time for me to eat my leftovers for lunch (and maybe get in a few minutes of Tomb Raider). Hope you're having a beautiful day!

~Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em and those who don't run away quickly enough~

* We're in row B-- there's a small orchestra section in the front front, and then row A, and we're on the end of row B which extends beyond the end of row A. It's actually where I sat for Nickel Creek, only on the other side.
** My lunch consists of last night's chicken stuffed with broccoli, portobellas and cheese, with a drizzle of blue cheese on top, and peas with mushrooms. Mmmmmmm. I love making up food :)