June 8th, 2006


So much going on...

I leave tomorrow to briefly visit a friend in Oskaloosa, and then give a presentation with my boss to a group of pharmacists in Destin. I'm TOTALLY NOT PREPARED (though not for lack of effort!). So the rest of this entry is going to be stream of consciousness (holy smokes, I almost typo'd "stream of couscous.")

I'm fat. No, seriously. I can't wait until this presentation thing is done and I can go back to the gym. I went to buy a suit for this thing yesterday at Dillard's and nearly exploded from fatness in the dressing room. I'm going to wear my old suit, which is cheap, doesn't truly match, and has hurty shoes. Dammit. When I get back to my goal weight, however, I'm treating myself to One Awesome Tailored Suit.

I haven't played my mandolin in two weeks. BAD LDY! I will play it tonight, or take it with.

We bought this nifty TV a couple of days ago... I wasn't expecting it to arrive until tomorrow, but it got here today. I stuck the box behind a chair... we'll see if the Zackster notices. He doesn't know it's coming and he's going to freak (in a good way) :) If I weren't so busy finishing up my powerpoint for the presentation, I'd set it up and be playing Oblivion when he gets home from school.

Paul got a pretty significant raise. Which is awesome :) He got the raise after we bought the TV... proving that The Universe Provides. I suggested that I ought to buy a car so that we could win the lottery.

Paul starts his classes in another week or so... and he's loving his new macbook and nano. I'm secretly jealous :)

I'm craving a cigarette like nobody's business. GIVE ME ONE.

Paul and I are doing this colon cleanse. We're on day 6. So far, it seems pretty awesome, and I'd recommend it highly. Nothing crazy's happening, mind you, just... eliminating more and feeling a bit better. It's so romantic to share fiber drinks and parasite pills in the morning together. :P

Our kitchen is SO BIG with SO MANY CABINETS. I can't find a thing and I'm so happy I could cry. I made Tilapia the night before last for Paul and I, and tonight the three of us will be having our first real meal here together. It'll have to be in the breakfast nook, as the dining area is full of boxes, but it'll do :)

The kitchen and my office are the only two rooms that are somewhat set-up so far. We're getting a desk for Paul, so he'll share my office soon. That'll be cool, even though we'll rarely be in it simultaneously.

I think that's all I have time for... I'll try to play catch-up with posts and comments upon my return. I'm still a few entries behind, I know! I've got my webcam hooked up, so maybe I can start playing with that next week, too.


Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough!