April 18th, 2006


Stronger than Dirt

I just bought a $30 dollar bottle of concentrated household cleaner from a door-to-door salesman.

I've sold a variety of things door-to-door... gold jewelery, fire extinguishers, vaccuum cleaners, political reform... it sure ain't easy. It can be grueling work, and you get ten rejections for every acceptance, often more. I found it difficult engender trust and even get people to open their doors to me, and I was a tiny white female in the north. I imagine it's significantly more difficult for this large black man in the south.

Door-to-door sales was the best training possible for me, both as an actor and as a businessperson, and I regret it not. I learned how to take rejection with a smile, how to look people in the eye when I talked to them, how to persuade without pushing, and perhaps most importantly, how to be responsible for my attitude and outlook, and not some victim of circumstance.

That's not to say I'd ever do it again.

It's a hot, humid day. I gave the guy a glass of cold water and a check.

Here's hoping that A. the product shows up tonight (it should-- the company appears legit, though it's not with the BBB), and B. it works just as well as it did when he demo'd it. It took Sharpie marks off a washcloth, made my front window all shiny, and cleaned the mold off the top of my door in a flash. I have some carpet cleaner that does much the same thing, though apparently limited to carpet stains.

The guy had a fantastic attitude, even though this was his first sale of the day.

Rock on, door-to-door guy. I hope you own the company someday :)