April 17th, 2006

rubbah and horns

Singin' Easter Movin' Songs, Loathin' Mandolins

Wow. I haven't given a "proper" update (or even an improper one, which, let's face it, are much more fun) in quite a long time. Where to start?

One of these mornin's, you're gonna rise up singin'

I usually have a song in my head when I wake up. This morning's song was Cheap Trick's Southern Girls.

Ooh, baby needs some brand new shoes
Southern girls, you got nothin' to lose

That was odd. Cheap Trick and Jethro Tull have always been the "house bands" of my sleeping subconscious, for reasons I may never completely understand.

Paul woke me up at five AM, in a frenetic jumble of activity. Turns out he overslept, his ride to the airport was on his way over, and he hadn't packed yet. Eep! He got himself together pretty quickly, though.

So I'm single parent this week. I just gave Zack an Easter basket, and bit the ears off the bunny, like a good (step)mom should. I guess he's never really done the Easter thing. Never too late to pump a child full of sugary goodness and celebrate the fertility worship of an appropriated holiday, I always say. Really, I do say that quite a lot.

We interrupt this entry for a commercial break:

Very funny commercial for a German optics company:
(Warning-- while Europe-TV safe, it may not be considered work-safe.)

To a deluxe apartment in the sky

Hm. I probably haven't mentioned this because I haven't really updated in quite a long time, but... we're moving.

We live in a condo. Our landlord wants to sell it. We don't particularly want to buy it.

We love the location, and the landlord, but don't plan on living in G'ville for more than a couple years. And housing prices have skyrocketed. Plus, this place is very cramped. It's just not big enough for all of us. And there's no storage. We're still living out of boxes.

So anyway, we found this house for rent. It's less than half a mile away (the neighborhood is just down the road apiece (see? I'm Southern!)-- perfect location-- and huge, with a backyard and everything. The only drawback is that the bedrooms are a bit smaller than I'd hoped for.

The pros outweight the cons, though. It costs several hundred more than what we're paying now, but we'll actually be able to have people over, and keep our crap in the garage, and even fit more than one of us in the kitchen at one time.

Turns out, Paul just got a raise of sorts, which almost exactly covers the difference. Whom am I to question providence?

The renters did an extensive background check... and we're in :) We move next month!

Kingdom of Loathing

I'm on my second oxy ascension. Hoping to get 'em all done before the NS battle is moved to a level 13 or 15 quest. So far, I'm really enjoying it. I was going to do the gloomy mushroom thing last run, but just got tired of waiting for moxie day. I'll grow gloomies this run instead.

Loathing, Redux

You know that guy who ate a ten year old little girl? Seriously, this is messed up:

Apparently, he used to play Kingdom of Loathing. He said this about my clan:
To tell the truth, I don't really know why I hate PvP so much, I just do, and I tend to think of everyone who enjoys it as dangerous sociopaths who should seek professional help. Especially people who take as much delight in it as the members of Iocaine Powder do. I've never even tried PvP, and I'm probably the least competitive person you'll ever see. I hate anything that lets you compete against other people, in games or in real life. I hate sports with all my heart and soul.

There's something very squicky about being referred to as a dangerous sociopath by a dangerous sociopath. Is that like a double negative?


Last Thursday night, I went to get my hair cut. I didn't actually get my hair cut, but I did teach a little girl how to play the mandolin and sight-read and appreciate music. OK, I really just let her play with my mandolin and page through my lesson book, and answered the thousand questions she asked me. As she was leaving, she asked her mom if they had anything to play at home. You know, like that. Before she left, I gave her one of my picks and told her mom that she could get a decent mandolin on muscian's friend for about thirty bucks. Wouldn't it be nice if this was the start of a lifetime of music?

I'm no virtuoso, but I'm getting better! I practice for an hour or so every day now. I'm so glad Zack broke his dad in... Paul doesn't mind if I practice while we watch TV. I find it's a lot easier to play when I'm not actually focusing on playing for some reason.

I've pretty much mastered Soldier's Joy (variation, with passing tones), and am coming along well with Mississippi Sawyer (a version designed to teach me drones and shuffles). I've also learned Irish Washerwoman and Garry Owen and Aura Lee (we know it better as Love Me Tender) and just about everything else that's caught my eye (or ear) in the past few weeks. When we watch TV, I usually start playing with whatever's on. Good ear training, that.

This entry would have been longer, but...

Holy smokes, this is the cutest little game that ever did cute.

Cute cute cute cute CUTE!

It's like Bejeweled... but requires a rather different strategy. And it has the most adorable little creatures! Cute!

FARM HUSTLE: http://farm.avocadolite.com/game.phtml

I'm not sure what farms have octopus and peeps and teddy bears, or how bombs might "scare them off to their rooms quicker," but I'm not one to complain.

Did I mention that it's cute? It's really really cute. And terribly addictive. You've been warned.

Hope life is treating you well. I promise to update more often... but for now, it's time to cook da chicken! Later, gators!

*Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough*