November 9th, 2005


Hold on tight

This is an update.

It's not a particularly good update, but at a time when updates have slowed to a viscous* once-per-month affair, it will have to do.

I'm going to write more regularly, both here, and in Other People's Journals. And I'm even going to reply to comments.

I'm alive and well and doing extra-fine, like my pens. :)

- - - - - - - - -

Zack's going through a breakup with his girlfriend. It's ripping my heart out, it is. Theirs, too. I just want to snuggle him up in a blanket and read him some Harry Potter. I may have to insist upon this at some point. You know, 'cause I love him.

Paul and I took Z to Boston to see Berklee a week or so back. Seems like a great school. If only it didn't cost $2098374892374/ year! I need to find a way to make some big money that doesn't involve guns or lawyers. I'm thinking info marketing.

- - - - - - - - -

Paul stayed on in Boston for a conference, Z and I took a plane to Memphis, and then he went home and I went to Dallas for Dan Kennedy's Bill Glazer's Yank Silver's GKIC's info marketing summit thing again.

A pitch-fest, as expected. But I did come away with several very important ideas. And I got to see some folks, so that's good.

Oh! And I rode a mechanical bull at Gilley's! How cool is that? Very cool.

Although HUGE, Gilley's was DEAD. A group of us ended up at an unassuming bar in a strip mall that was SO HOPPING. There was this seven or eight piece band that would play everything from rap to rock, and so very funky. And they switched instruments! The bar was wall-to-wall people, all booty-shakin'.

Seriously. What kind of band can follow up a stirring rendition of Gold Digga with Led Zep's Rock & Roll? This one. Wishing I'd caught the name.

If I remember, I'll post some video of the funky band and the bull-ridin' woman.

- - - - - - - - -

My travelin' ways made me take two weeks off from the gym. Now I'm the gym's bitch. It hurts. It really hurts.

I worked out on the Line last night. Tonight, it's the Core-- lumbar, neck, abs and stretching.

When I return, I'm going to cook up a sweet piece of Chillean sea bass, (which is currently marinating in lemon juice, white wine, pepper, dill and OJ), with a side of pecan rice and some salad.

I should probably get a moseyin'.

Two random links before I go: (thanks, Poncho!) (thanks, Ferret!)


* Not viscious, viscous. Gooey; slow.
** Speaking of slow, I tend to lift weights slowly and take a little time between machines to stretch. Paul was behind me on the line one day, and I heard him and one of the trainers laughing. The trainer had said "Are you alright here, sir? She's a little slow." to which Paul responded "I know she's a little slow, she agreed to marry me."***
*** True story.
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