October 10th, 2005

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Today's made-up poem*

shimmering silver
dance of denial
gift of the devil
for facing my cares

not-red badge of courage
a gift from my family
I'm resigned to accept it--
voila-- a gray hair

Egads, where do I begin?

This will be the Readers Digest condensed version of my life.

So much stuff to write about.

I find it ironic that the more I do, the less time I have to tell you about it. Theoretically, at least, you'd be best informed of my idle times. That hardly makes sense, does it?

Beeg girl, if you wan' get slim, come come to m' dancin' gym!

We (fiance, boy and I) joined a health club about ten weeks ago. We've been going religiously, which in the south is really saying something. Neither Paul nor I have lost much weight, but we're now able to pick up Volkswagon Beetles and toss them fifty metres without breaking a sweat, so that's good. Helpful for tight parking situations, too. Boy, however, is getting strong AND chiseled. We hates him for that.

This is our health club-- it's amazing: Gainesville Health & Fitness. Despite our best plans to go in the morning, we usually go after work, and spend about two hours there. We do this one bank of machines called "The Line," which consists of nine machines (leg extension, leg curl, pullover, arm cross, chest press, lateral raise, overhead press, bicep and tricep) and takes less than half an hour, then another group (called "The Core") that focuses on back strength. Most of these machines could easily be mistaken for medieval torture devices if it weren't for the telltale padding.

Sometimes we do cardio on the treadmill. Sometimes we sauna and cold plunge.

I hurt my hip pretty badly early on, and I'm just now getting back into some of the exercises. Did I mention they have a physical therapy office right on the premises? I didn't? Well, they do. They also have childcare. They're putting in a day spa, too.

When not tossing cars around, Paul and I gingerly move around as best our sore muscles will let us, and are often mistaken for lost geriatric patients. Which is great. We exercise to stay young, healthy, and good looking.

Temperate Zone

I just spent three hours installing-- and then trying to wrestle my internet back from-- the new Zone Alarm. DEAR SWEET JESUS. The bloody thing wouldn't let me access the internet even after I had uninstalled it. This is the page that it installed on my local drive and showed whenever I tried to access the internet:


You will notice it has lots of helpful information, including instructions for editing the freaking registry.

Oh, wait-- the registry instructions are only for win 95/98/ME ONLY. If you have 2k, XP or-- heaven forfend-- ME, you're SOL.

Anywho, I got it all ironed out without having to dig into the registry, though I did have to delete some DLL files that were apparently running, but weren't showing up as services.

It's sad that ZA has gotten so bloated and problematic over the years. It used to be the best of it's kind.

The Heart of the Awl (seriously, that's its name)

I went to Washington state last weekend for work. Spent two whole days flying for one day there.

The resort itself was beautiful!


Well, mostly beautiful. We stayed only two nights, and had to change rooms. My first room had an amazing view, and reeked of smoke. My second room smelled fine, but overlooked... the parking garage. Still better than my boss's situation-- his second room was an economy room in a different building altogether. He had to wear a hat just to walk from one facilty to the other.

We were speaking to members of the ACA. Actually, my boss was speaking, I was doing powerpoint. Everything that could go wrong, did. Egads.

Still, a good trip overall.

I travel the world so that I can read

One of the great things about traveling is the fact that it allows me to catch up on some reading. This past trip I finished Celestine Prophesies, began and finished Freakonomics, and started Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

I now want to have a passive income that betters the world, and gather obscure data on it so that I can draw unusual correlations and make you think.

Go-go-gadget ears!

Ooh, I got one of these recently:


I love it love it love it love it love it.

It makes going to the gym an absolute joy, it does :)

Plus, it's a jump drive! On the flight back from Idaho, another presenter and I traded music and played Name That Tune. Roxx0rsz!


I made the most wonderful tilapia with crabmeat stuffing last night. I've never made tilapia OR crabmeat stuffing before, so I decided I might as well do both-- after all, why screw up a little when you can screw up ROYALLY?

Luckily, it came out amazing.

Recipes, schmecipies. I prefer making stuff up as I go along.
Crabmeat Stuffing

Can o' crabmeat
3 teensy tiny red and orange peppers, diced finely
A few slices of baby bella, diced finely
A few slices of white mushroom, diced finely
handful o' breadcrumbs
Some butter
One clove garlic

Heat it in a pan, oh yeah, oh, yeah, 'til brown chicka brown browned.

Then I slapped it on a tilapia filet, folded the filet over, and used a toothpick to hold it together. Popped it in the oven for about half an hour at 350 or so. Oh, I think I lightly brushed the outside of the fish with some italian dressing.

Wow, it was really good.

Sweet sixteen, never been kissed to a Kiss concert

Today is the boy's birthday. He's, like, sixteen LWK:JEF :OJI FDISLNLN. I can't tell you what we got him on the off off off off off off off off chance he'd peek at my journal today of all days while at college WHERE HE SHOULD BE WORKING *cough*. But he got some cool stuff.

Heh. OK, since the time I wrote that, he came home and we celebrated Christmas his birthday.

Lucky dog got a corner desk, a leather chair, some speakers, a cellphone and this freaking thing, which is simply insane.

We told him there is no Christmas, and even wrapped his stuff up in Xmas wrapping so he'd get the point.

Oh, I got a matching cellphone too, since we switched to a family plan.

The LG VX7000

I couldn't use my LG VX4400 at home anymore... I just didn't get decent reception. This one seems better so far-- we'll see if it's an actual improvement or just a good day, reception wise.

The new phone is definitelly cooler... but is it a real improvement over the 4400? I'm not sure yet.

Anywho, if you had my old phone number, throw it out and ask me for my new one. And if you live in Canada, ask for my home number-- my new cell is charged roaming charges for the great white north (Canada was free on my old phone) :(

This one has a camera & the capability to shoot short video. I'll have to figure out how to upload photos and such to my LJ while I'm on the road :)

Random other notes:

Been enjoying KoL, though I've pulled back quite a bit, time-wise. I've ascended hardcore six or seven times, and am digging it mightily.

Quicken is da bomb. I've started putting all our finances in there, and get all giddy about tracking our money. I'm such a freak.

OK, I'm actually going to post this unfinished, as-is, because if I don't, it may sit in a file for a month, like all the other posts I've written in recent days and weeks.

Hugs and smooches to you all :) I'm off to the gym!

* Actually, "Today's Made Up Poem" is really "Sometime Last Week's Made Up Poem" because I forgot to post.
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