July 14th, 2005


She's got that travelling jones

Now I'm in Baton Rouge!

Man, flying was terrible today. Everything was delayed due to the storms. My boss was supposed to be on the same flight I was. He still hasn't shown up.

For anyone staying in the Baton Rouge Sheraton: They offer free internet access. BUT the bastids make you BUY a cable for $5 to use it.

Wouldn't you know it- this was the first time I didn't travel with my trusty cat-5?! I'd never needed it before! Sheesh!

Also for anyone staying in the Baton Rouge Sheraton: Check your room for wi-fi before forking over the cash ^_^

There's a casino downstairs. I'm sorely tempted to explore it.

I think I will, briefly, before my boss gets here. Spend the $5 I just "saved." ;) Later, gators!
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