June 11th, 2005



Wow. I can't believe how wonderful folks are. Seriously. I'll never get through commenting to comments to my last post. Heck, I'm still several posts behind on comments in general. Thank you all so very much!

On to today's news...

Last year, I was kind of a poopyhead on my birthday. I just didn't feel special. My issue, I know.

Anywho, Paul has decreed this my Special Surprise Birthday Weekend (my birthday's officially Monday).

As part of my Special Surprise Birthday Weekend, he bought season passes for Busch Gardens, and a hotel suite nearby for Saturday night.

Just because he knows how much I like rollermacosters.

We're gonna ride this tomorrow (if it doesn't rain all day)

image of rollercoaster

Holy smokes. Click on that picture and then watch the video. I'm serious, this thing is SICK.

I am woozy with the awesomeness of m'boys.

I should take an icon to replace this one, which was taken at a much smaller theme park on someone else's birthday two years ago, when life was so uncertain.* The guy holding the bear is taller than the other two now.

* Sadly, these pictures are nowhere to be found. I still have the uncropped, unedited originals somewhere though.
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