June 3rd, 2005



I am afeared. Very afeared.

You see, I live in Gainesville, Florida, which is also home to the University of Florida, and the UF Gators.

People here take the Gators seriously. Very seriously.

Blue and Orange are seen everywhere. It's pretty freaky, if you're not used to living in a college town with a big sports team.

Anywho, I just poured out some M&Ms from a big bag (it says "medium sized" on the package, but I beg to differ) to snack on.

I swear I didn't do this on purpose:

photo of blue and orange M&Ms

That's from right outta the bag (minus two or three that were et).

It's a normal bag of M&Ms. A normal FREAKING POSSESSED BAG of M&Ms.

Go Gators! CHOMP CHOMP!!
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