May 9th, 2005


Two weeks later, there's an entry. Or is it an entree?

Don't you hate it when you haven't updated in awhile, put together a novel-length post, minimize it by mistake, and shut down your computer? And then write the entire thing again, only to have it die from a sudden inexplicable power outage?

Yeah, me, too.

I've tried to rebuild this thing several times. I've made it better. But it's hardly a six million dollar entry, though.

I just realized... I've had this entry brewing for nearly a month.

Let's get back to posting more regularly, shall we?

Remember back in 2003, when the aim name I'd been using since 1994 was suddenly killed by AOL because I'd cancelled the account to which it was attached? No? OK, here's a link:

Well, I just recently installed the newest version of Trillian (I usually wait on new versions so they can fix the buggies), and I noticed that the old LdySaphyre aim account, while unused and unconnected, was still hidden in there. So, on a lark (not a real lark) I connected it.

And it works. I don't know why it works or how it works, but two years later, it works!

I'll keep LdyLemontini for kicks (as an aside, I seem to also have an account called "Ligerish," though I don't think I've ever used it), but plan on using good ol' LdySaphyre for my chatting needs in future :)

Hooray! I'm feeling my old self again!

I'm digging the new Trillian. It's very... cute :) The sounds they chose are very subdued, and remind me of a futuristic doctor's office.

The major label showcase went swimmingly.

I, however, missed it completely. I hurt all over and so, stayed in bed.

I was told by several people that the entire place applauded Z's solos, though. I think that's so awesome :)

Wanna hear one of 'em? Here it is!

Effing Awesome Solo! (565 kb, 36 seconds)

Can you believe the boy's just 15? Crazy, man. That was from the demo they recorded for this gig. It's an original song. I'd upload the whole thing, but it's over six minutes long :P

They did another gig that Sunday, which I went to. It was an outdoors charity event. Very cool... except that mutilated ground-hugging butterflies, while a fitting analogy to the child abuse the event was designed to prevent, were really a rather depressing end to the show. Might I suggest not having hibernating butterflies released by impatient children next time?

This weekend, last weekend, the weekend before last, they had gigs Friday and Saturday nights at the biker bar south of here. Didja listen to that guitar solo up there? Didja? Well, the drummer was slightly over-caffeinated by the end of the gig, and brilliantly decided to play that song in double-time. It was awesome! Z was complaining that he had to "drop a few notes" to play the solo-- I'm amazed he knew just which notes to drop.

I love that boy, I do.

He gave me a hug when he got up yesterday and wished me a happy mother's day/happy stepmom's day/happy wicked stepmom's day :)

Oh, and we finished Prisoner of Azkaban, and have moved on to Goblet of Fire. Both he and the cat are eating it up. Me, too, I guess ;)

I was so very sick three weeks ago. It's rare that I'll take more than a half day off due to illness... extremely rare that I'll take more than a day. I took one day, then attempted two half days. Even after two weeks and a Z-pack, I was having trouble shaking that thing.

Wouldn't you know it, now that I'm finally over it, I have some stomach thing. I think I just ate some bad sausage yesterday, but still. I'm also emotionally frangible. Bizarre. I hope it passes soon.

Before I got sick, I'd been going for hour-long bike rides every other day. OMG, I am SO loving this area. You wouldn't know it, but around the corner and down a dirt road, there's a beautiful development with million dollar homes surrounding a spring-fed man-made lake. And in the other direction, there's a small corporation surrounded by dirt trails-- each of which is accompanied by a small sign inviting walkers and bikers to enjoy them. One of them even crosses the block opposite mine (a shortcut I had been secretly hoping to find, as that leads to the area where the restaurants and shops are, and getting there by main roads is a beyotch). Not smoking makes the biking thing much more pleasant.

I blame Zack.

I had to explain to him why emulators were considered legal programs, and why roms were available on the internet, even though it the legality of their sharing was questionable. Somewhere along the way, I became less straightedge about the whole issue.

And that's when I got sucked into the SNES version of Supermetroid.

I more or less followed a walkthrough, and it still took me forfreakingever. I expected that though (which is why I half-followed a walkthrough in the first place-- I remember how long the original game took!). That said, I dug it tremendously :) I'm such a metroid freak.

Which is why I bought Metroid Prime Saturday for the Gamecube. (Z just bought a cube off of ebay last week). IT'S AWESOME.

He also picked up Super Smash Bros. Melee (also awesome) and Episode III (for the xbox-- hey, they were only going to give him $6 for his traded in games, but upped it to $30 if he bought Ep III; what could we say? Heh-- I'll probably end up buying it for him anyway).

Games are fun! :)

Speaking of games, KoL has been fun, but clan politics has been a headache. Thankfully, "everybody has an opinion" about the situation... except me. Sorry, but I'm too busy playing the game, being an active board member, and reviewing people's promotion applications to involve myself in much drama. Either that or I'm just dense. Perhaps a little of both. I am sad to see people leave on account of it, though.

In other KoL news, I won a clan contest. One of our members (who also lives in Florida, incidentally) has a granddaughter who was doing a school project on Flat Stanley. The contest was to take a photo of her "Flat Sally" somewhere interesting :)

However, I was disqualified from the contest to begin with, so... well, we'll see.

But this is it, anyway-- a photo of Flat Sally with Albert and Alberta, the Florida Gators mascots:

Photo of Florida Gators mascots Albert and Alberta, with Flat Sally

Heh. I didn't even know she was a Gators fan!

Bit Torrent is my friend

Thank you, MenT, for finally giving me the impetus I needed to finally download it. The day I downloaded a client and started using it was the same day I realized that our DVR screwed up and didn't record the season finale of the West Wing. So, yeah. Perfect timing :)

I'm SO LOVING getting my Doctor Who every Saturday night :D

Something superduperubernifty: When I originally bought our DVD player, I picked one up that supposedly would play DivX files. I say "supposedly," because it was rarely mentioned, except in google's cached pages; all discussion of it seemingly removed from websites and documentation at some point in the past. Well, I _half_ expected to be able to convert these files to DivX and play them on the DVD player, understanding that I might have to rip the audio separately and then burn the files to a DVD-rom (I don't have a DVD writer yet), and even then it might not work. Imagine my joy when I copied these files to CD as-is and played them on my DVD player.

Yup, I can download Doctor Who, burn it to CD, and play it on my TV's DVD player the same night it comes out across the Pond.

I am one happy geek :D

Oh, and I'm loving the new doctor and his companion. Seriously loving them.

"Lots of places have a north!" Yes, indeed ^_^

Yeah, so I bought a UPS.

No, not a UPS. A UPS.

Sudden short brownouts are a fact of life here. And they're really ticking me off!

I wa s hoping the UPS would regulate my voltage a bit better... but it doesn't. Ah, well. Maybe it's my PS itself that's causing the minor voltage fluxuations. Whatever; they're very minor.

At least this should control the BIG fluxuations.

A few days later...

OK, I lost a chunk of this entry again. I stepped away from my computer for literally less than a minute to grab a long-sleeved shirt, and returned to find that it had suddenly and mysteriously rebooted. Don't tell me we had another power outage before I even to the UPS hooked up!!

OK, you didn't have another power outage before you even got the UPS hooked up.

The eventlog came up with this:

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000d1 (0x00000000, 0x000000ff, 0x00000000, 0x00000000). Microsoft Windows 2000 [v15.2195]. A dump was saved in: E:\WINNT\Minidump\Mini042905-01.dmp.


And then, yesterday...

Today, I had another weird thing happen with my computer. I think it may have been video card related.

Methinks it's time for a defrag.

Randomly, one day last week...

This is astounding. I'm sitting in Florida, USA, listening to a friend in Hong Kong play "Take me Home, Country Roads" on the recorder. And now he's playing a Japanese version of the song.

The world is an AMAZING place. I'm constantly awed, tickled, and very very grateful to be Here and Now. Aren't you?

I'm going to Las Vegas! I'm pretty psyched about it, actually :)

Paul's going for work. So's his friend D. D's taking his wife M for her birthday... she doesn't know that P or I are going. Woot :) Surprise!

We can't really afford to go... but since the company's paying for his airfare and the hotel room... well, I couldn't resist. It's just a long weekend, really-- the weekend before the fourth of July. We're not staying for the fourth, though. We take a redeye back that morning.

Paul's trying to talk me into eloping, and getting married by Elvis. I think I'd have to pretty drunk to do that ;)

I keep adding to this, and deleting stuff from it. Adding, deleting, adding, deleting, adding deleting. Darnitall, I oughta just hit post.

Oh, before I go, here's a rose (I see this rosebush from my window every single day. Thought you might enjoy it, too) :)

Photo of a rose

In a few minutes, Paul will be home with Zack's old guitar teacher, who'll be making us dinner. Schnitzel, I believe! So with that, I'll head out. I'll be back soon. Promise :) (And my entries will be shorter and more frequent, too!)

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough

Oh, and before I go... wtf is this all about?! National identification cards? I don't know about you, but it sounds a bit too Orweillian for my tastes. It's not too late to contact your senator, you know...
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