March 8th, 2005


Hi-diddle-dee (A Bandmom's Life For Me)

So, last night, sometime after 11, one of the boys IM's me asking if I can help get their site to work.

OK, that's funny in and of itself. Even funnier-- despite my 12-hour workdays and 8am client consultations, I actually tried to help until 2:30am :P

Now, I know that I have good friends here who would be happy to offer terrific deals to the kids for webhosting. But they wanted to do it themselves, and decided upon the webhost, which apparently offers ridiculous amounts of space and bandwidth for a ridiculous price.

Imagine my surprise when I couldn't get the site to upload properly. I followed all of Powweb's (rather bizarre) ftp instructions, and even tried doing what I would normally do with any other site. No luck.

Anywho, the funniest part is the email response I got when everything I tried didn't work. This is what I sent them through their online tech support form:

Hi there--

Have been having some problems getting the site published-- it publishes fine via dreamweaver or ftp to the temp site ([TEMPSITEADDRESS.COM]), but publishing to the actual site proper ([SITEADDRESS.NET]) can only be achieved through the site manager. In fact, I figured it was simply a problem with propogation until the site manager worked! Is this a DNS issue, a server issue, or am I missing something here?

Thanks so much for your help,


Not up for a Pulitzer or anything-- but at least it's clear, concise, and defines the problems I'd been having, right?

This is what I got back:



are using as the hostname when you publish your file through Dreamweaver.

Winston A.

Yes. Of course. Well, that certainly helped clear things up for me!

I tried replying to that elucidating email, only to have it bounce back. So I sent the following through the same tech support form I sent the first one:

Sorry I cannot reply through regular email... cox communications (my isp) insists on using their own mail servers.

Hi, Winston,

I appreciate the quick response, even though I don't entirely understand it.

I followed the directions in your tutorial:

Server access: FTP
FTP Host:
Host Directory: ./htdocs/

Is that what you're asking me (if, in fact, you are asking me something)?

Please clarify.


No response yet.

I'm afraid to see what he might respond with next!

[16:02] ZACK: you
[16:02] ZACK: .
[16:02] ZACK: .
[16:02] ZACK: .
[16:02] ZACK: using hostname
[16:02] ZACK: .
[16:02] ZACK: .
[16:02] ZACK: .
[16:02] ZACK: elephant
[16:02] ZACK: .
[16:02] ZACK: .
[16:02] ZACK: winston A
[16:02] LdyLemontini: LOL

I'm considering starting a Winston A. fanclub. Who's with me?
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Hey! The webhost wrote me back!

Apparently, all tech support personnel at Powweb are required to attend the Winston A. School of Communication.



to process your issue.

Support Technician

Powweb Inc


Anyone care to hazard a guess as to an interpretation here?

Because I think he's saying that it's a DNS issue, but doesn't want to bore me with technical details, professional guy that he is.
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