February 4th, 2005

rubbah and horns

Safety and security and I DON'T HAVE TIME TO FINISH THIS.

Last night, Paul and I went to Sam's and bought a fire-proof safe and a shredder.

The irony of purchasing something to safekeep documents at the same time as purchasing something to destroy them wasn't lost on us :)

Yesterday, I forgot to eat lunch until about 3pm. There was nothing to eat in the house, so I figured I'd run to the awesome Mexican restaurant around the corner. On my way there (in the rain) I saw a very wet kid riding home on a bike.

We threw the bike in the back (how I love my hatchback!) and went to the pub for sandwiches and Galaga.

Zack says we should do this more often :)

Z has overnight practice tonight at the drummer's house.

Paul's leaving work early to come home and take him there.

The drummer just called and said he kinda forgot to check with the bass player.

May I throttle him now, please? I promise I'll be gentle... *strangleshakeshakeshake!*

I don't have the bass player's cell number, so I won't find out what's going on until Z gets home.

Whoops. He doesn't have it either! :P

Tomorrow, Paul and I are going to the Medieval Faire.

I'm pretty psyched! I haven't been to a Faire in manye, manye, manye yearse.

I need a new CF card for my camera. It's not a digital SLR or anything, just a Powershot S50, so fast writes only help up to a point. However, higher read and write speeds will at least help with transferring files.

I've got it down to two cards... both seem comperable. One has higher speeds and image recovery software, but I read one report that the other card worked slightly better in the S50.

OK, in the time it took me to write that, one of the two cards I was considering just jumped in price at amazon by $10, and amazon saw fit to remove it from my cart entirely! O_O

Sorry, Sandisk! Lexar it is!



Seriously, if you look at only one thing here, LOOK AT THAT.

Three phone calls in a row.

P forgot to leave work early

It's up to me to rescue the forgetful drummer from the taco schmell, where he is even now being besieged by teenyboppers.

Meanwhile, the bass player is at the drummer's house going "where is everybody?"

And now the phone's ringing again...

It's Dad. Here we go again...

Off I go. BYE!

Remind me to tell you about my windshield wiper.
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