January 24th, 2005

king z

Zack Attack Thursday

Yes, I know it's Friday Saturday Sunday MONDAY.

And yes, I've never used the term "Zack Attack Thursday" before. No, you haven't missed anything.

Thing is, we do jam night every Wednesday. Proud parent-type that I am, I have to surreptitiously film parts of it. :) I hope to regularly post snippets (or snippet) on Thursdays as entertainment for you folks, and as an ongoing history of his progress.*

This week, I lost most of what I'd recorded (and more-- including my Christmas photos) to a bad CF card. But I rescued some of it last night.

So, without further ado, here's a forty-second clip from Wednesday of a bunch of fairly stoned college students in a freeform jam; Z managed to hold it all together and work in a heckuva solo, too. Roll tape!

still image of video
Click to watch the movie file (40 seconds, 5.73 MB)

Or click here to download the file. (Standard Intel Indeo codec, should play on all systems.)
Got DivX? Watch it here, or download it here! (3.75 MB DivX codec version)

Tonight he and his band have a gig at a biker bar. Heh.

He's going to have blue hair. Maybe I will, too :)

What to wear?

ADDENDUM: I wrote this last Friday, but had a problem with playing the file as streaming media (I thought it was an encoding problem, but the problem turned out to be with my ISP's webspace, damn them!). The boys rocked the pants off that biker bar both Friday and Saturday :)

Every time I watch this video I'm struck by how quickly this little boy is growing up. *sniffle*

* I promise not to bore you with stuff-that's-crap-but-which-I-think-is-good-because-I'm-parentish. Honest. Only truly good schtuff. And I'll try to keep 'em short and sweet as well.
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