January 19th, 2005

rubbah and horns


What could be more fun than watching ldy rip apart her computer and lube all the ball-bearings in nine ten different fans?

Well, most things, really.

But here I am anyway. :)

cam image of ldy fixing her computer
All done :)

2 on graphics card: DONE (already sounds MUCH better!)
1 on back: Can't access (but moves freely and sounds fine)
1 on top: Can't access (but moves freely and sounds OK)
1 on mobo: DONE (schweet!)
1 on heatsink: Can't access w/out special thin-shafted screwdriver (sounds OK, though)
2 on front: Can't get inside (darn you, Lian Li! Everything else about you is soooo goooood!)
2 on power supply: Couldn't access-- sealed

ADDENDUM: Everything's back in, and I didn't end up with any extra screws (a Very Good Sign!), so keep your fingers crossed-- I'm hookin' 'er up and lettin' 'er go!

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