November 21st, 2004


OMG, please think good thoughts in my direction.

I've been a wreck about this whole "handing the house over to a realtor" thing. An absolute wreck. I don't want to do it (and pay $5k and however many months' mortgage for the pleasure-- and probably having to lower the price in the process).

I showed the house to a lady today.

She's very very interested.

She says that she'll call later with an offer.

And volunteered getting a prequal letter in my hands by tomorrow.

Please, God, let it be true.

Think good thoughts for me, will you?

She's looking for an investment property. At this point, I don't care. She doesn't strike me as a slumlord.

Please please please please please...
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add it up

My prayers in the shower were answered!

Thank you, thank you, for all the good thoughts!

She's accepted my full asking price and is faxing over a contract tomorrow!


Holy smokes, I was so happy, I didn't even ask about the deposit. I'll ask her tomorrow once I get the paperwork.

Thanks again! I'm sure your good thoughts helped a bunch!

Keep those cards and letters good thoughts comin'!

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