November 17th, 2004



Movers at 8:45 - OK

Movers at 11:30 - outstanding-- actually gave me a binding estimate.

Movers at 4:30 - late (but he called, and will be here by 5)

Realtor at 5:45 - TBD

Between these things, I worked. I uploaded staff photos, I emailed clients, I talked to people on the phoneythingy, I analyzed a website, I studied some direct-response copy and other things etc.

Between the work, I:
emailed a mess o' people about M's soiree Saturday (still have a few more to go)
called Salvation Army about sending out a truck (have to call back)
called an old friend about converting my car to another air conditioning system (anytime I want)
ate some awesome chili (hooray for Wednesdays!)
called another realtor (no word yet)
printed more brochures for the house (in happy glossy colour)
did some other stuff (I'm assuming this)

Sheesh. I'm beat. And hours to go before I rest.

At least I'm productivating :)
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    heaters steaming! Which reminds me, I have to call the heating guys, too.


Wow. I'm really an adult.

Furthermore, I'm being treated as an adult.

I got this same strange feeling when I bought my washer and dryer.

Freakydeaky! *sticks out her tongue and does a silly dance*

Mover was good, but his estimate was rather high (7500 lb vs. 6500-7000 lb with other estimators). It was a binding estimate, though, so he gets big points. Nice guy, too. So, now it's between him and the guy who gave me a binding estimate of 7k lbs earlier today.

I guess have my work cut out for me: It's time to read the fine print. (Uck.)

Realtor was good, as well. Young young young... But good :) He's willing to work on a sliding commission based on performance, and thinks he can get $79k in 45 days.

Rock on, young realtor man!

I think I have one more realtor to talk to. If he doesn't call me tomorrow, he's out of the running and I'll rock on with Young Realtor Man.

Gracie's been loving the estimators and realtors. It's wild how different she is from Maxman in that respect.

Things I still have to do (in no particular order):
Call an electrician
Call the heating guy
Call the vet for happy kitty sleep drugs
Clean out the car
Drop off the car for AC conversion
Drop off the car someplace else for tuneup
Get rid of more stuff
Call Salvation Army for pickup
Call my insurance company to see if they can do a rider for the move
Choose a moving company
Set up a time and date for the move
Buy Paul's airfare up here
Get a big box for the heart mirror
Get change of address forms and set up mail forwarding from
Pack up my office
Shred more documents (tonight?)
Move anything important to the laptop
Organize stamps, jewelry and other valuables
Clean the house
Donate all dry and canned goods
Bring all liquor, beer and wine to Michele's
Call my brother, my aunt and my dad

I think I'll work on the last part, first :)

Tomorrow is Thursday. The days pass by so quickly now...
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