July 27th, 2004


Watch me paint, part deux

Got a later start than planned, thanks to a pedorthist's appointment that took forever (and achieved nothing) :P

live image of ldy painting

click on image for refreshing cam in new window

If Verizon gives you a 423 Locked error, just keep trying. Evidently, this is a Verizon issue that they will neither fix nor acknowledge.

At least the software seems to work well :) (Thanks, scottobear!)
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So Don't Watch Me Paint

Man, I even tried moving this to a different server, and it still keeps stalling when uploading pics.

Sorry, folks.

Until I figure out what's causing these 500 errors, The Ldy Paints Alone :(
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(no subject)

All done!

And NOW the webcam works on the alternate server. *fallsover*

Well, I've another coat to do tomorrow.

Something to look forward to, eh? :P

G'night folks :)
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