July 4th, 2004

rubbah and horns

quick update on stuff done

Thursday, I did one coat of stain on the sills, and installed a handrail up the attic stairs.

Friday, I did the second coat of stain on the sills, then went to a friend's house. We had a great view from the backyard of the fireworks on the other side of the river. Then we all went out and saw a great band. I got to see xso and his gf, his little bro, and bro's friend B for the second time in a week. What's funny is that the band we went to see was the same one Michele and I saw a few weeks back at another bar, and the lead singer is B's cousin. Small world!

Saturday, M and I moved furniture, and taped and primed the livingroom. We got ice cream from Mr. Ding-a-ling, and later drank a bottle of wine on the front porch :)

Today, M and I painted the livingroom. We'll do a second coat tomorrow. We also made a Home Depot run. Michele is the bestest painter a friend could ever hope to have.

Tonight, J-wo, M and I are having dinner together, then watching the fireworks in Albany from a good friend's roof-- same place we went last year. A dear out-of-town friend is visiting, and we're her big surprise. Wishing my sweetie could be with me.

Still not reading. Someday, I'll be through with all this madness :)

Into the shower I go!
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