June 24th, 2004



Today's our anniversary. One year ago today, we proclaimed our love... in Shakespeare quotes (because we're weird like that).

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I was a creep last night. I felt like he was blowing me off. And he was, sort of; though I could have been clearer about wanting to chat. So I stayed up late and cried on the phone. (Got Hormones?)

And then I had nightmares about Z growing up and just hating me. This seems highly unlikely, as we get along famously, but it still shook me (all night long).

It's so hard, this living apart. So very hard.

I awoke with a headache and a pervading sense of sadness.

How quickly both evaporated...

P sent me six roses and seven balloons this afternoon, and a beautiful note:

Carolyne, Although We Cannot
Be Together Today To
Celebrate Acknowledging Our
Love For Each Other, Know
That Our Love Is Beyond
Distance And Time. It Lives
In Our Soul Where We Are
Together Always. Paul

OK. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

This will all work out. I know it will :)

OK, enough with the schmoopy poopy already.

I'm off to eat pizza and pet Michele's new pussy(cat) :)
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