June 3rd, 2004

rubbah and horns

Phone Post: KBTK bumper

259K 1:09
“Hi, this is ldy of livejournal, also known as eldee or liddy or even eyedee by people who think my el is an eye, and whenever I'm in times of trouble, beatnik sidearm comes to me, typing words of wisdom, KBT... K.

Ok, that totally didn't work. I mean, not only was there an extra syllable, but it was almost entirely inaccurate. Why, I've never even met the mysterious "mister beatnik."

But I believe in him. Oh, yes I do. In fact, all of us little gnomes who live in your computer and your MP3 player believe in you, beatnik. And we'd all really appreciate it if sometime you could just sidle up to the bar, and order a nice stiff drink and just turn your head and pretend you never saw us. Oh, c'mon. You owe us. This IRiver is so totally not up to code. Don't make me come up those headphones!

KBTK single-listener, mp3 gnome-supported radio for beatnik His Own Personal Self.

I was serious about the drink part.”

Transcribed by: ldy
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Silly ldy in a rare meme-y mood

Oops-- I think I done gone and broked the stalker thingy.

ldy's LJ stalker is !
is stalking you because you are really good at bowling. They are also not very liked around here!

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And I made this for P (who's coming up with Z in a week anna half!).

It cracks me the heck up :)


Heh-- I didn't realize until now that we have the same hairstyle! :P

Speaking of that, I'm off to see Richard...

Let's see how many hours it takes him to make me all redheaded and purdy :)
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