June 1st, 2004


My weekend of little note

I think I watched episodes 5 though 16 of Love Hina this weekend; though not exactly in order. I'm becoming an anime junky. C'mon; we all knew it was only a matter of time.

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I painted my nails and toenails pink. They came out OK, but not great. I threw out the nail polish when I was done. I do believe my polish started chipping badly at exactly that moment :P

I threw out thirteen bottles of nail polish; some went back twenty years. Toulene, be gone!

Michele and I went shopping, twice.
I found a pair of jeans that fit great for $15. I got another pair for $6.
I discovered three kinds of moisturizer that don't hurt me. I bought them all.
I bought two bottles of nail polish; I rather wish I'd bought the third one, too.
I got a couple shirts, a variety of things for packing when I move, and some other stuff, too.

I paid all my bills.

I did some laundry.

I dropped a huge planter full of lots of soil and little plants on my little rolly kitchen island thingy. What's worse; I had just swept up and then sorted out my filing on it before the shit hit the fan dirt hit the table. There's still dirt in my knife block and my spice rack.

My friends D and M (at whose wedding Paul began to really win my heart last year) just had a beautiful baby named Gabrielle yesterday.

After dining on scallops and the world's finest prime rib, I fell in with a rogue group of candy pushers from Iowa last night; I'm still reeling from the jujubes. I won both games of cards (phase ten and rat a tat cat), but I'm craving a vanilla taffy fix.

I don't read enough. That's why I just added two more rss feeds to my list. One is a day-by-day of leonardo davinci's notebook, which started two days ago and can be found here: inter_da_vinci. The other is Kerry's blog (kerryblog), because I liked the video game. Yes, it is a piece of propoganda. It's also effing hilarious. Go play it right now. (And no, I didn't add his blog simply because of the video game.) Mr. T, Hulk Hogan, and a very overweight He-Man shall not be denied!

Did I mention that you should see this video game? You really should see this video game. Please note; you may find it offensive for any number of reasons.

Some gent across the street up and mowed my front lawn. He offered to do the backyard as well, but didn't. This is not the same guy who shovels my walk in the winter. I'm not sure whether I should consider myself extraordinarily blessed, or progressively stalked by my neighbors.

I replaced the aerator on my sink. It took two seconds, and now water doesn't splash all over. If all of my life's problems were so easy to fix, would I wait so long to address them? My faucet had been spraying water for nearly a year.

I celebrated by doing dishes.

I took out the garbage, but it's raining too hard to take out the recyclables. They will wait until next week.

And so I brush my teefies, call my sweetie, and tuck myself in bed.
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I've now watched every bloody episode of Love Hina.

My sweetie has no money (that's it; we're through!).

My left pinky nail is painted in a colour called "flippin'" which is alternately gray, pink, blue, and green.

I just used an Oxford comma.

And I'm going to bed :)
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