May 17th, 2004


There is nothin' wrong with helpin' a buddy out

Just some random musings.

I went to bed last night at 1a and woke up at 5am singing "I'm a dirty frat-boy on a dirty soccer team..." I couldn't get back to sleep. I even called Max over to snuggle with me and had him do his voodoo sleep purr, to no avail. *sigh* I'm awfully tired. And I am most certainly not a dirty frat boy on a dirty soccer team; though I imagine that might be a nice way to spend an afternoon.

I've been having bad luck with nail polish lately. The other day, I had to redo my nails completely after putting on two coats of an older orangy colour that came out all icky streaky-- it looked like liquid tan circa 1973. And last night's colour came out too thick-- even after giving it a couple hours of drying time before bed, and being very careful about how I slept, my left hand is all fabric-marked. What's weird is that I slept on my right side last night.

Eh, I buffed 'em this morning; I'll do a clear top coat on 'em tonight and see how they look after that.

I saw Van Helsing this weekend; I really liked some of the previews. I also bought two more pairs of sandals. Super clearance bargains. Yay for $9 leather sandals :) Very strange-- I usually wear a size 6.5, but these were size 5, and fit great. Go figure.

scottobear posted a link to this site of nifty old gumball-machine illustrations. I think this one is really funny, considering I often call Paul "P" in this forum... but the very idea of a bethonged peanut frightens me.

Smoking was getting the better of me; I'm crawling back onto the wagon. I may have one or two to wean me off, but I'll be all done with them by Thursday in time for my trip south. Sheesh. I should never have let it go so far. I don't need no steenking crutch. I forsee some icky detoxing; t'aint nothin' I can't handle, though. I was never that far off the wagon, but even one foot touching the ground can hurt.

My car has been doing weird things since I got the brakes fixed; weird noises that disappear once I get it to the shop, that sort of thing. It's OK now, and the shop has been very understanding, but it's strange. Yesterday, the right blinker started going crazy. I saw the guy who runs the shop at dunkin donuts this morning, so I mentioned it, expecting that this would be another one of those mysterious things that would disappear once I took it in. He said "oh, yeah-- that's just a warning that your blinker bulb is out on that side-- bring it in and we'll replace that for you, no problem." Neat! I'll bring it by later in the week (iirc, the plastic over the lights is a beyotch to get off, so I'll be happy to let them do it).

I'd bring it in today, but I walked to work. It was beautiful, if a bit chilly. It's probably nearing 80F (27C) now.

I haven't been responding to comments in my own journal, but I've been reading everybody pretty regularly. That's not to say I don't appreciate the comments. I do! I've just been something of a frazzled mess of late.

Because I didn't have an ogg player on my work computer I never listened to phone posts when they were posted; I just saved them to my hard drive and forgot about them. I recently installed winamp at work, and now all these phone posts are popping up between songs. It's very surreal. :) I try to guess who's doing each one. I just listened to keefriffards quack like a duck :)

There's a squirrel in my yard who brings me offerings of old bagels and pasta products. No joke; it's the most bizarre thing. Maybe his kind worship an orange cat god or something. Anywho, sometimes I put out some old muslix cereal or nuts out for him. I just discovered that he lives in the trunk of the tree behind my house with his lovely mate and three adorable little babies. I'll post photos (phost?) later. I also saw a gorgeous red-headed woodpecker there the other day, as well.

Uncle Joe (not my uncle joe) came by the other day and inspected my house. I have a page fulla notes of stuff to do before sale, and a new hot water heater coming in this week. Evidently, my old one was a carbon monoxide hazard. Yikes. There's another $300-$400 I wasn't planning on spending. Still, it's a damned good thing he caught that. I hate the thought of Max being near a carbon monoxide leak during the day.

On the upside, the market's great-- I should be able to make $15k-$20k on the sale of my house, and he expects it'll sell in three to five days. However, there are two major problems: recapture tax and capital gains. They make the baby Jesus cry. OK, they probably don't. But they make me cry. Lots. Here's hoping I don't end up losing money. If I wait 'til October to sell, it's likely that the market won't be as good, and my recapture tax will jump up to the next level. *sigh* Sometimes I hate being so fiscally-fixated.

My last improv show will probably be the day before my birthday. Neither J nor J will be there, which saddens me, but oh well. P and I celebrate our one year anniversary two weeks after that. Not sure which he'll come up for, but he'll probably come up for one of those, since he's taking a week off to work on the house and that's the only window during which Z doesn't have a gig.

So much going on.

P and I are both having anxiety dreams.

Three more sleeps 'til I see my boys :)

*yawn* Wishing I could start those sleeps right now. Minus the dreams.
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