April 29th, 2004


Did he or didn't he? ...only her hairdresser knows for sure.

Oh! You guys probably want to know how Friday went.

Dear lord, there are stories. There are so many stories. Some are hilarious, some tragic; most would evoke true pathos, I think.

I might tell one or two of them someday. Maybe. Just maybe. I haven't been able to write about them yet.

For now, let's just say that we discussed it at length and decided to hold off on a formal engagement until we're living in the same place and are ready to start planning a marriage.

(Informally, though, I did say yes, both times.)

Believe me when you are between anticipation and longing
Teach the lover to forget the word "separation"
My love, my angel, I forget the world with you
And I will come to the world of your love when you hold me
My love, I'm all for you; I love you when I'm in your arms
And nothing is too precious for you, if you only hold me tight

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    Amr Diab - Allem Alby