April 8th, 2004


Subservient Chicken

Weird marketing ploy from Burger King, for when "your way" calls for submissive poultry.

I do not even have the words to describe how disturbing this is.


(via boingboing)

* On a technical note, the parser is surprisingly good-- "Defenestrate the red chair" leads to portrayed confusion, then standing on the red chair, and "shake it like a poloroid picture" leads to booty shaking that is different from the plain "dance" command. "Choke the chicken" leads to a bow, though. Not sure why.
** On another technical note, he's a lousy sub-- "Please me" leads to nothing but utter refusal. Colour me disappointed at my complete lack of chicken pleasuring!
*** Want to be a subservient chicken rooster thing, too? There's a mask you can print out and wear.
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    Shake it like a poloroid picture!
sea fox

Sweet sweet release

You know you've climbed too far up the corporate ladder
when you buy a vibrator at a fuckerware party and use it
...to massage your neck.
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