March 25th, 2004

8 ball


Dammit. I really want to go to this:

According to boingboing:
It's a UK based conference of emerging memes (foafy-crypto-socio-semantic-typographic-activist-style) empowered with technology (wi-fi, wikis, audio feeds, irc, etc.)"

And their goals, according to wtfcon's very wiki site:
The very first WTF, an open space conference of various grassroots projects, people, and organisations, will be happening from 11am onwards on Saturday, 27th of March @ the 491 Gallery, 491 Grove Green Road, London E11, UK.
  • Promote Genuine Progress Indicator (and here) as opposed to Gross Domestic Product

  • Discover and promote alternative sustainable ways of generating energy

  • Stopping the arms trade

  • Making the World Bank group (WTO, IMF, WB, etc.) completely transparent and democratically controlled.

  • Abolish Corporate Personhood.

  • Expose the lies that are coming from centralised forms of power (such as World Bank Group, governments, WHO, cancer research charities, etc.)

  • Decentralise all power structures and empower individuals (Federalised communities)

  • Promote local, organic, small scale food production

  • Legalise raw dairies and all forms of plants

  • Decriminalise all forms of drugs

  • Tobin tax

  • Require Total Transparencies from Government (Sweden (?) already has it)

  • Unconditional subsistence income (aka Basic income; Citizens income, etc.) see and from me:-

  • Freedom of movement between countries for all people, provided they accept the local rules

  • More hugs

How can I resist a gathering of smart people who list "more hugs" as one of their diverse goals?
Want want want want want want want....

Dammit. I may have to find a way to go to this:

I prefer the UK's WTF broader-range approach to NY's more telecom-based focus, but NY is a helluva lot closer.

And I really really really need to find a way to get my ass to SIGGRAPH this year-- it's in LA again.

Note to self: whore writing talents to mags this month.
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I'm taking notes here while talking on the phone with newbabel, because he is a damned fine writer. I'm sure I can use some of these in casual conversation, and nobody will know that I didn't come up with them myself!
"It doesn't cost anything to be honest."

See? That right there is simply amazing.
"But it's so easy to frighten small children. They don't even know what a pancreas is, they just know they don't like the sound of it being removed!"

So funny and so TRUE!

When If I grow up-- I wanna be just like him! :D

(In all seriousness, he is a helluva good writer, and great guy, to boot.* I was delighted to finally get the opportunity to chat with such a dear friend who happens to be such a witty and engaging conversationalist!)

OH! And I got my Planner Pad today! SQUEEEEEEEE!

* Not to actually boot.
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