March 21st, 2004


sixth sense

That was GREAT.

I deduced what was going on right from the getgo, but it didn't dampen my appreciation of the device, or of the movie as a whole :)

Delicious. Just delicious :) I loved the use of the colour red!

I didn't drink much wine, but the pizza was nummy.

And now, bonus material :)
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    Those noises... they're just from old radiators, right?

sixth sense, indeed

He's out and about, seeing some band. The movie was done, so I thought I'd send him a text message (text messages help keep one sane when one is 1200 miles away from one's beloved). Keep in mind that these messages were within mere seconds of each other.

Me: Great movie! :)
Him: Mark's band is fun. Straight classic rock, good time, covers. Nothing fancy. just up and dance, woo-hoo and stuff. How did you like the movie?
Me: Did you just write that?
Him: Whoa! Freaky. Answered my question before I asked!

It would be freaky, except that it happens so often.
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    incidental music from the dvd, and radar love in my head