March 11th, 2004


Love me, love my links

I've been reading this company's whitepaper, and colour me impressed.
I've been intrigued by ubiquitous computing since the early 90s, and have been waiting for the technological tipping point, as it were. This may work out well.

In other news, I'm fscking with my phone. I'll tell you all about it (with step-by-step instructions) later. Get-it-Now can Bite-my-Arse :)

I must be in geek mode. Funny how that so often catches me by surprise. I wish I had a better indicator, or better control, of my shift between geek mode and other modes.

I'd better be in clean-the-house-and-do-laundry-and-put-crap-in-boxes mode tomorrow night, and funny-Irish-improv-actress mode by Saturday. As much as I love geeking out, this isn't the time or the place!

Oh, and yeah, I need to be in post-interesting-stuff-including-loverly-photos-of-the-UK-and-Toronto mode soon, I know, I know.

I want to quit my job and work in a tech field. WITH ACTING! COMEDICALLY!! :D :D :D

*sigh* This is what it sounds like when modes collide.

I gotta keep 'em separated.

Random linkies from yesterdayish: (thanks, mobley!)
Guy infiltrates Blind Date show, wears leiderhosen and gets wacky. Great read :) (thanks, dewhitton!)
English is an ever-evolving language. Oi, it's Skinhead Hamlet! (warning-- may be offensive to some folks-- otherwise, as dewhitton put it, "it's a bit ov a larf") (thanks, marnanel and others!)
Best unintentionally funny sign ever. thanks mactavish!
How to fsck up polyamory. Or really any decent relationship. (thanks, thedreamingtree!)
The Exorcist. In thirty seconds. Re-enacted by bunnies. Seriously. (I blame joedecker!)
A very funny idea whose time has come.
Remember that Microsoft short film in which Steve Ballmer dances around like a crazy monkey and screams "I love this company?"? It's been yoinked to push ipods :)
This is just darned creepy. Las Vegas's coronor shows photos of unclaimed bodies.
An animated study in Shakespeare's social networks. Especially nifty for visual folks who like the bard :)

Whoops. Forgot to jot down the folks who posted those. Sorry-- let me know who you are, and I'll rectify that!

Back to work I go.
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