February 28th, 2004


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I was in a particularly groovalicoius mood today, so I picked up a salmon lobster pinwheel at the market, some Dublin cheese, and a bottle of seltzer. I went home, ate the salmon, nibbled at the cheese, and drank half the seltzer.

And I talked to Abby. That was muchly needed!

At about 7:30 I suddenly had a change of heart and decided to see the play in which The W was performing. See, he had called me at work earlier today, and asked me to come to his show-- it was opening night, and they were expecting reviewers, could I please come?

It was my first real ME night, but I decided to go. And I'm really glad I did.

I sometimes forget what a long history I have with the W, and with the local community theatre community at large.

He has a girlfriend. I think the first real mega girlfriend he's had since me, what, ten, twelve years ago? She's awfully nice. I like her lots :) And she's hhhhhot hot hot, too. I hope she was put off too much by the way W and I sometimes talk. In a manner of speaking, we grew up together, so we have a lot of common in jokes and references that others wouldn't fathom. I gave her big hugs before she left, and told her how awesome I thought she was, so maybe she'll have survived the experience. She thought I was hot. Heh.

And I got invited to the cast party. I knew nearly everyone there.

It was nice, comfortable.

A bittersweet taste of what I'm leaving behind. Mind you, I'm being melodramatic. It's not like I actually AUDITION for anything anymore. Sheesh.

Wanted to talk to Paul all night, but my phone kept going from analog to no service. He kept leaving messages, and I kept not being able to access them.

Tomorrow, he goes to California.

Thursday, he comes to New York.

Next Saturday, we got to TORONTO.

Holy shamoley!

Jude, will call tomorrow.
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