January 14th, 2004


Things what suck

I had to go into the office today. Job security is all fine and good, but sometimes indispensability is an albatross.1

So, fine. I'm still sick as I've ever been, but I drag my ass2 into the shower, get dressed, and go start my car.

It nearly didn't start. The windshield was entirely frozen over-- on the inside. Temp: -13F/-25C (-25F/-32C w/ windchill).

I went in anyway.

The office admin told me just how bad I looked. I looked like ass.3 I've never looked that bad. I didn't really care.

I nearly ripped my boss's head off. He has a tendency to micromanage both my work and my health and I just had no tolerance for it. Do not meddle in the affairs of sick people, for thou art not immune, and merely a sneeze away.

I'd planned on leaving before noon, and then stopping by M's to pick up my antibiotic (I'd left it in her car last night). I didn't get out 'til 2pm. No lunch, either :( She brought the drugs to me.4

I still had to fill my script for the Tussin (cough expectorant/suppressant) so I headed to the apothecary.5

I didn't want to bother going to the grocery store, so I pick up a number of things while they fill my prescription. I get soup and Kleenex and heaven knows what. I go up to pay, and they want $40 for the script. $40. Stupid HMO. And my cough symptoms really aren't that bad! Just lots of phlegm. I've no idea why the PA gave me a script for this stuff in the first place, really.

So I ask them if I can just get an OTC cough thing instead. Sure, of course, they say-- we'll just void this script for you.

I search for something similar. Oh, my G-d. I don't use OTC meds, as a rule-- heck, the last time I went looking in my medicine cabinet for pain reliever, I found an unopened bottle that had expired the year before. I was simply overwhelmed by the choices. But I found something similar to the Tussin, grabbed a box of Alka-Seltzer Cold and a bottle of Acetaminophen (just in case), and went back to the counter.

The pharmacist looks right at me and says "whoops-- we just put everything back-- we thought you got tired of waiting and left!"

Keep in mind that I'm having difficulty keeping my balance, my ears, sinuses and lungs are full of fluid, I ache all over and can barely think.

He felt so bad. I felt so bad. So I went back and shopped for everything all over again, but this time without a basket, so I just had to hold everything. And when I returned, there was a line to pay. Once again I was reminded that I really need to learn to juggle.

And then I returned to my frozen car.

I realize that I've got it good. There are SO many people in worse situations than mine. I have access to medical care, and medicine, and food and blah blah blah blah blah.

However, I want today to be over. Now.

So, I shall be in my bed with a pint of orange juice, a Discworld novel I've not yet read, a box of Kleenex, a Getwell bear and Dr. Catt.

My day may not be officially over, but I'm not getting off my ass for much for the next few hours. :)

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough.

1 Not a real bird.
2 Not a real donkey.
3 Still not a real donkey.
4 She also brought me a pretty pair of garnet earrings, just because it sucks to be sick. How cool is that?
5 A real pharmacy.
6 Still not a real donkey, but the thought of doing all that on a donkey's back makes me smile.
x Every time I look down, I lose nearly all sense hearing. It's kind of cool, really. OK, it's not. It's just disconcerting. It was only cool for about twenty seconds.
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