December 16th, 2003



Well, things are looking up for me in my little world.

Boy's present (shhh-- it's a beeg fat seekrit!) is enroute to my parents' place in Florida.

One major project and one minor one have been vanquished (or at least placed into my boss's hands for the time being).

Brueggers had Velvet Veggie Soup TWO DAYS in a row! YUM~

And I'm feeling a little better.

Everything will work out OK.

OH. And I got the whole email thing ironed out!

I'll never get the emails from the last four days, but I should be connected with the wild world of livejournal from now on.

Hooray for technology! picking up the phone and calling the mail server guy!

And LJ fixed my other email problem. All is good.

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This site will steal your day away. And maybe a piece of your soul.

What a rich and complex tapestry of hope abandoned. I believe I saw everything there is to see.

Funny-- the small image for "apologies" on the first page is strongsad. How delicious :)

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So, all is goodish. I might even head to Tar-zhay today.
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