December 4th, 2003


Boston and bed

I had a great Thanksgiving. I had a genuinely enjoyable time visiting with my aunt, cousin, cousin-in-law (?), and second cousins.

Boston was quite a lot of fun, as well. Meeting Dormando was a thrill. No, seriously. I've known this guy for *mumblemumble* years now. When did all my "young" friends grow up into smart, good-looking adults? No matter. It was awesome finally meeting him, and a joy meeting Lorelai, Joel and Amanda as well. Cheers, mates :)

And of course, it was wonderful to see my Poet again. He's on a flight to Atlanta as I write this.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'm home. I'm supposed to be working on the corporate website. I slept instead. I'll just work on the site tonight. I've been so damned tired lately. I dreamt and dreamt and dreamt and dreamt. I can't remember the last time i did that. I could sleep and dream for hours more, but I won't.

Anywho, I'm more or less offline for the next few days. I need to catch up on things like work and sleep and rehearsals and stuff. I might write (if I think of anything shareworthy), but I probably won't be reading much.

And now I shall make a nice cup of tea.*

See you on the flip side, folks :)

Oh, and before I go-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROB!

* As opposed to a mean, vulgar, or downright impolite cup of tea.
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My most recent dream

I was flying aboard a small plane, four seats across (I'm guessing it was an MD-80). I sat in the leftmost window seat, about a third of the way down. Suddenly, the pilot came over the loudspeaker "hold on!" We held on. I looked out the window and saw a red parked car. I wasn't afraid, merely surprised. We were landing on a highway or a street.

There had been some mechanical trouble. I think that it wasn't actually having trouble, but had such potential for this problem to occur that the pilot thought that landing on a highway in North Carolina was preferable to continuing the flight.

We went to another plane.

This new plane was HUGE. It was like a large, clean cafeteria. There were at least five seats across the middle aisle. I sat in the middle aisle, near the back, by two nice gentlemen. We talked about things; I don't remember what. But they seemed to have a good sense of humour.

There was another set of seats behind me, then a door of some sort. At least, I assume it was a door-- people went in the sides and weren't seen again.

I saw Larry C. Old friend of xso's (both of whom I might see tomorrow, strangely enough) who suddenly quit drinking and became born again. I gave him a big hug. He went through the door. And then I think my very first boyfriend sat behind me. We just looked at each other, nonplussed. I think he was wearing a boxing robe and gloves.

At some point, the two gentlemen next to me moved one seat over. Our particular row wasn't filling up.

I was brought some tea. Somehow, I had missed the first tea that had come around while people were boarding. A cold cup of water sat before me on a table of some sort. I drank the new one. It was very good. I sat back and relaxed.

Oh, and then I learned how to make a million dollars from selling mats on infomercials. We'll talk about that another time.

Tea's done; time to get things accomplished.
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