December 2nd, 2003


This is a song about a whale. No! This is an entry about fans being happy!

There is a semisolid ball of dust roughly the size of a well-fed mouse on my computer desk right now.

Let me explain my computer setup to you. The main computer, anyway (I've actually been working off the laptop more and more in recent days, and we won't even talk about the old monster).

I have a bigass corner desk, the corner of which has a recessed shelf to hold the cpu, with a top over that, a little higher than the desk itself, to support the monitor.

Getting into the CPU is a pain in the freaking arse. You see, it requires that one gets behind the desk (no easy task for anyone over the age of, say, four), move the monitor (no easy task for anyone who can't bench, say, 50-60 pounds), remove the top of the monitor deskpiece (OK, that part's easy), and then move the CPU itself (balancing it precariously on the edge of the desk, if one is a packrat of mythic proportion who cannot keep a flat surface uncluttered for more than, say, an hour or so).

So, unless you're an anal-retentive freakish four year old Popeye impersonator, it's a real pain.

OK, so it's a pain, but it's doable. And since my computer made some truly HORRENDOUS noises last time I attemped to start it, I do it. And I stand at the ready to attack my computer with a vengeance (and a can of compressed air).

I muster all my courage. I hold my breath. I look inside the unit.

And I find myself greeted by an interior that is surprisingly clean and shiny. It's almost... happy-looking, really. In fact, the only fans that have a real dust problem at all are the two intake fans on the front of the unit.

The same intake fans that are easily accessible by popping off the front cover, and removing the filter (which, of course, exists for exactly this purpose).

An act which requires almost no effort, and certainly no desk-dismantling space-clearing monitor-hefting cpu-balancing spinach-eatsing acrobatics.

I remember how happy I was when I bought this case, and how I partially rationalized the cost of the darned thing by thinking, "Hey! That easy-access filter sure will come in handy someday!"

And someday it will.

I'm so smrt it hurts sometimes.
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